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  1. It's been awhile since I was last on these forums. Ahhhh yes...and this lovely topic of awesome music. MMmmmmmm....good times ^^ Recently I've been listening to one song over and over. Call The Cops - Kool Keith (Dr. Dooom) I first heard it play in the movie "Grandma's Boy". The song when Alex (Main character) goes to see Dante for the second time. Great song when I'm smoking...
  2. Glad you like it bro. Can't wait to see what mix you make! To erufiku: I'm not sure about "arabic-pop mixes". I can only suggest certain songs that might fit the mood your looking for. Look for a group called: "Transglobal Underground". Really good stuff. IDK if it could be compared to arabic pop. Sure sounds good to me though
  3. Download a Hookah Mix! I've taken the time to make a hookah mix. This mix everyone can download for free from this link: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/2566658 Bare in mind please. Under no circumstances will this album ever be used, in any way shape or form, to make profit. This album was made like a simple burned CD with mixed songs, for a friend. Please just sit back and enjoy this album while smoking some shisha. I'm not going to list the songs only becuase I'd rather people found out by listening to them. I know their is some of you who will judge a artist based on a 30 second sample of one song. ^^
  4. I purchased my first hookah from smiley's which they also gave me a glass bowl. OMG it was glorious...until the awesome day I dropped my glass bowl and it shattered...NOOOOOO!!! After buying a cheap ceramic bowl....smoking shisha has never been the same as the good old days... I love the glass bowls from smileys. Only thing I'd say bad about them is you need to be extra careful. Not just from the fear of dropping it...but also the coals tend to do a more slip and slide with the glass top compared to foil. How I feel the management of ash was always easier for me with the glass bowl.
  5. I kinda like Swollen Members "Pressure". Any other songs like that? The big thing I like about that song is the kind of classical tune in the background.
  6. Was listen to alot of I Monster lately. The songs: "Daydream In Blue, Heaven", "Stobart's Blues", "Big End" & "Hey Mrs" are awesome songs to put on a hookah mix. Look em up...you might like them. ^^
  7. Ignorance. Ignorance is the reason life is not a utopia with peace and no evil. This artist is ignorant in the perspective of suffering. He might find this dog suffering to be what he calls "art". However he's ignorant on pain and agony. What the dog feels. Something that breathes and has the ability to choose, make desicsions. That's something I'd care for if it was mistreated in any kind of way. Cheese my boy...thanks for making my happy day flush itself.
  8. Suggestions for those of you who like to really "CHILL" your atmosphere. Zero 7 - Red Dust Zero 7 - End Theme Wax Tailor - Once Upon a Past Wax Tailor - The Way We Lived Featuring Sharon Jones Wax Tailor - House Of Wax Featuring The Others Space Monkeyz Vs. Gorillaz - Punk [De-Punked] Suggestion for those of you who like to chill....but with a twist Days of the New - Rough Day I Monster - Stobarts Blues Marilyn Manson - A Place in the Dirt Godsmack - Voodoo Korn - Let's Get This Party Started System of a Down - Lonely Day Deftones - Change
  9. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Nov 17 2007, 05:33 PM) Tangiers has the... Strongest Buzz Strongest Tobacco flavor Strongest Molasses flavor And a strong amount of smoke capability. Tangiers DOES NOT have the strongest flavor...I'd say Taru tops it.
  10. As I've said before. The nicotine level on a 50gram box of shisha is lower than a pack of cigs...by ALOT.. So honestly...everytime your brother has an urge to smoek a cigarette he'll probably want to smoke a bowl of shisha. In which case takes a long time setting up compared to lighting up 1 simple cigarette. Which means, this switching to hookah thing...probably wont work for him.
  11. Massive Attack FTW!!! Everyone should have atleast one track from this artist on their hookah mix.
  12. I don't understand how you need "free" music for a youtube video? You only have to worry if your trying to make a profit. Anything dealing with money, then your looking towards the oldies like Mozart. But seriously, are you looking to make any kind of profit with this video? Otherwise, use whatever you want to use. I mean, I make independant films all the time and sometimes I send them into little local film festivals. Only time I actually have to scratch the good music I've used is when I take it to the loft where I do make a small profit based on how many DvD copies they sell to ppl. If your looking at Moby, try using: Porcelain, Natural Blues, One of These Mornings, Flower (I'd totally use this from moby) or The Sky is Broken. Those all being Moby tracks...dur...
  13. What would you recommend from "Wael Kfoury". Guy sounds like the Ricky Martin of Arabia...
  14. QUOTE (Stealth @ Nov 13 2007, 10:51 PM) QUOTE (Xeft @ Nov 13 2007, 05:58 PM) Not to really criticize people here but if anyone on this forum smokes atleast once every other day. Then I'd definately call it an "addiction". The reason this "addiction" is easy to overcome is because of the very small amount of nicotine invovled. 0.5% percent of nicotine per 50gram boxes is extremely small compared to a pack of cigarettes. Take a look at this page: http://www.trytostop.org/more_info/other-t...co-products.asp You'll find the nicotine amounts in some main cigarette brands. The comparison is really a big differece. HOWEVER! I can't find the article; but this doctor wrote about shisha compared to cigarettes and exclaimed that taking over 60 puffs of a shisha bowl (can then) compare to cigarettes. So I'd be careful at how long you spend on each session and how often you actually smoke a bowl. For me smoking about 2-3 times a day at a good 30-40 puffs per session. I'd say I'm killing myself faster then a baby being strapped with a nicotine patch daily. Thats kind of weird saying "your all addicted if you smoke more then once every other day but its really easy to overcome." How often you do something does not determine whether something is an addiction or not. Your mention of physical dependency related to hookah may be true, and I'm sure there are many people who are actually addicted to hookah (as aposed to addicted in quotes), but their addiction probably is mostly psychological. It's an addiction, however just a very small addiction. The amount of nicotine being put in your body is, as we know, very small. Now the truth here is based on each persons body. We can't do a scan and I'm not going to ask everyone individually, but this is about tolerance. The Amount you smoke and how much tolerance you have will all depend on how well you can overcome that "Addiction" or the nicotine, either way. Here's an example... There was once a time in which I actually felt that "addiction urge" really happen to me. It was when I had smoked consecutive sessions, that's about 2 times a day for a week. After the weeked passed, I decided to stop for the fact that I felt I was hurting my body really badly. Next day, I had that urge. It was expressed through anger mainly. Everyone around me felt I was an asshole that day, but we all know....that's the "urge" talking. Lucky for me, I built my tolerance those next few days. Holding down that urge, suffering the anger and finally. Earning respect for my bodies tolerance. To all of you who smoke once every other day. Me saying that's an addiction, it is. But those of you who feel otherwise, your body just has a good tolerance.
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