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  1. Not up to date on sarcasm i guess.
  2. Cool idea...I would be careful about using copper and any other type of soldered metals. They give off extremely toxic fumes when heated above 400 degrees. Solder is certainly dangerous if heated to even lower temps. But keep working on it...its cool.
  3. Horchata is a wonderful flavor that coats your mouth..its very cozy, as in a good book and large fire on a winter night. Not sure about Blackthorn....Try tangiers you will love it....I feel that its more getting used to the buzz rather than the smoke...A well packed Tangiers bowl is very smooth and thick, not harsh at all.
  4. That white crud on your first hookah looks more like light corrosion, which may be fixed by CLR a cleaning agent available at most hardware stores and super markets. A little elbow grease and I think it may clean up just fine. Looks to me like mineral deposits. For 75 bones that black hookah looks pretty good....Id say its worth cleaning and keeping.
  5. try some canned condensed milk... sometimes its on sale at super markets. Ive heard it works well...about half a can with water.
  6. My girlfriend is allergic to bananas and Im wondering if there is a chance of Al-Waha banana split having any actually banana fruit in it? Or if the second hand smoke would cause an allergic reaction? She would never risk smoking banana flavor.
  7. Watch the Film; Waking Life...and smoke your favorite flavor. Life changing.
  8. Here are a couple things Ive tried in the past... -Lots a little holes in the foil -Break the coals into halves -Try ice and other liquids in the base -Regulate heat by reducing coals, vise versa, and adding or removing wind screen -Try looking at this Thread: http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry144165 -As for the seals...on the hose and bowl try wrapping a bit of napkin around the grommits Good Luck
  9. Perhaps try experimenting with different liquids in the base. At the moment I am smoking Laylina mint with selzer water, ice and a couple shots of Grenadine Cherry Syrup in the base. I call it Mint Cherry Fizz.
  10. Never heard of that company. But damn for 50 bucks you got a nice piece there. I like it!
  11. Colored Smoke!!! Awesome and smoke shapes too...great ideas. Thirdking you should start working on that invention. Maybe you would strike it big and create a great product. Sounds worthwhile. -As for what I'd change about a hookah...hmmmm... Im going to sit down to a tasty smoke for this one.
  12. I agree with pbpredator...an acrylic is a great beginning hookah. My first 16" took a lot of falls, luckily it was very thick glass...but now the stem is pretty bent. Look at reviews for sure. Good Luck. Peace -Waffle
  13. So you used the orange as the bowl? Very interesting.
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