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  1. Anyone have an idea on how to fake the vortex? I'm in a no smoking apartment right now so i can't try this yet but do you think taking the intial design of the phake phunnel and instead of cutting off the top puting holes in the side like the vortex would work or would the foil collapse. if anyone gives this a try let me knoe how it works.
  2. i'll take them, send me a pm so we can get the shipping details
  3. i have never smoked tangiers before but my melon blend came in today and is acclimating right now. the entire room smells like watermelon bubblelicious. if it smokes half as good as it smells it will be the best i have ever had. i also got the phunnel and mod
  4. if anyone has some tangiers they would be willing to part with send me a pm. i have never had the stuff so i don't want to go ahead and buy the 250g size i would just like to get enough for a few bowls.
  5. i have a 50 gram sample pack of fantasia peach fuzzy naval i am willing to trade for enough tangiers for a few bowls if you have it. any flavor of tangiers.
  6. QUOTE (Cybersist @ Mar 25 2008, 05:51 PM) Ive seen a box of blacks for around 6 or 7. not much cheaper though you can get them for a little over 5 in north carolina
  7. bought a pack of blacks yesterday. they're the only cigaretts i smoke.
  8. Downtown Jackson, right down the road from the hookah lounge.
  9. whats up people i'm going to see my fav band soon and i'm in a contest to sing on stage with them please watch my vid and help me win http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f56EUQP9wrI
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