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  1. Fantasia Blueberry Starbuzz BlueMist (Blueberry and Mint)
  2. QUOTE (iloveTOBACCOfreeHOOKAH @ Sep 3 2009, 07:17 PM) I've heard that before though.. like one bowl is the equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. But on the other hand one bowl is rarely smoked to one person, and one bowl is rarely smoked EVERY day, unlike people who smoke cigarettes who smoke habitually. Its not like its a big mystery this stuff isn't good for you, your lungs aren't meant to be filled with very tasty smoke, but I've never 'jozed' for a bowl of hookah or went through any withdrawal. I can believe this stuff is worse then cigarettes (450X sounds a bit much...) if you smoke hookah as much as people smoke cigarettes. 450X doesn't sound a bit too much, its wayyyyy over the top! In fact shisha shouldn't be compared to cigarettes until theres conclusive valid research.
  3. http://www.pr-inside.com/bbc-accused-of-gr...in-r1453218.htm 2009-08-25 22:56:52 - One of the world's leading scientific experts on shisha smoking has criticised the BBC and the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre for "misrepresentation" and "gross exaggeration" in a news story that claimed that hookah smoking can be "450 times more dangerous" than cigarette smoking. Dr Kamal Chaouachi, a tobacco expert who teaches at Paris IX University, has written to the BBC to complain about a news story and radio programme the corporation produced on August 24 2009. The BBC had been given research by the Department of Health which purported to show that shisha use could result in carbon monoxide levels 400 to 450 google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); times greater than that seen in cigarette smokers. The BBC stands accused of relying on research which has been neither peer-reviewed nor published. The Department of Health and the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre stand accused of issuing 'science by press release.' The new report runs contrary to decades of research into shisha smoking and questions have been asked about why it was passed to a BBC radio station rather than published in a scientific journal. In an interview with Christopher Snowdon, Dr Chaouachi said: "There are numerous studies on this issue and there is absolutely nothing new in this scare-mongering report. The bottom line is that shisha smokers actually experience the same carbon monoxide exposure as cigarette or cigar smokers do." "Besides, their exposure is, unlike cigarette smokers who generally smoke every day, not chronic. For the great majority of them, they indulge in their habit only 1 to 3 times a week. Even in the case of a daily exposure, keep in mind that the carbon monoxide is quickly washed out from the body because its half life is only about 3 to 4 hours." "Carbon monoxide is only one chemical out of thousands in cigarettes, so one cannot compare. But even if we look only at that chemical, shisha is not "worse" than cigarette smoking. The BBC should apologise." The claim that shisha smoking is as bad, or worse, that cigarette smoking has now gone around the globe as a result of the BBC's report. "In the ideal world of public health, overstating the dangers of shisha will persuade its users to cease using tobacco products," said Christopher Snowdon, who has recently published a book about the anti-smoking movement. "In the real world, claims that shisha can be up to 450 "more dangerous" than cigarettes is more likely to encourage users to switch to cigarettes. It is the kind of unintended (but hardly unforeseen) consequence that has dogged the anti-smoking movement efforts for decades." Sorry if anyone has already posted this!!
  4. I heard a hookah shop in the UK has been fined over 50,000 thousand pounds, im not joking.. apparently they seized his flavors and all the sales for over the past year
  5. Hmm yeh I just noticed all the UK vendors taken tobacco off their websites ... You know what just email them about the flavours they have instock. Their is allways a way around it! Also contact me I know someone selling Starbuzz 100g, Fantasia and Al Fakhur in the UK for good prices.
  6. You know what all it takes is someone who knows and smokes hookah to ask these dumb-asses to PROVE to you that shisha is more harmful than cigarettes, I bet you they wouldn't be able to! You would find out all the mistakes they've done. Also is there a facebook group on this? Because the last petition before the ban attracted 1000's to sign.
  7. It wasn't his fault that hookah got banned indoors, it was WHO from America they came over a few days before the ban and overturned it so shisha was included. They said 1 hookah = 200 cigarettes and yes dont give me that bullshit that they must of meant in smoke terms, obviously if you say this anyone who doesn't know hookah well they would get scared. What you need is a bunch unbiased scientists to battle it out and show there just isn't enough evidence! Also everyone knows that existing research have either been flawed or been done by a bunch idiots from America who don't know about anything about a hookah (e.g shisha name comes from shish-kebab) I laughed my head off when it said that in the official WHO report loll There is a scientist (I know he might be a little biased) from france but he is the only hope! He knows Hookah inside-out and studied it for the last 15 years.
  8. I dont know if any of you know, but I have a friend who came back from Egypt and FAKE Khalil Mamoons that are exactly identical to real KMs are everywhere now, I think there may be just about as many fake ones as real ones. Anyway I just got a KM with the a KM tag on the hose and shisha, so ima b smokin it soon and I got 2 KM hoses for the price of one because one of them was damaged, just gotta tape it. But by the looks of it, they it does look excellent, its one of the new KM hoses. The hose looks sooo much better than the ones sold in America. You can actually feel the quality of the hose! I was also told there are 2 types of KM's, High quality and Standard. The high quality is made out of 3 layers of metal on the stem, something like that. Ima post pictures up soon!
  9. And I present to you: A Critique of the WHO's TobReg "Advisory Note" entitled: "Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: Health Effects, Research Needs and Recommended Actions by Regulators" http://www.jnrbm.com/content/5/1/17 The 7 FATAL ERRORS in THE WHO (World Health Organization) REPORT on ""Waterpipe"" Tobacco Smoking http://narghilecommuniques.googlepages.com/whoreport Edit: While I was replying "ronald_dooley" replied, I agree with him
  10. 1 hookah (Session) = 200 cigarettes LMAO
  11. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Jun 3 2008, 02:57 PM) I like dif. liquors in the base one great one to do is HH Jamaican Rum and Cola with a rum and coke mix in the base otherwise, I like vodkas in the vase(mine is small) and using fruity shisha mixes...when I'm down, I do the shots...they taste great from the molasses dripping down the stem into the vodka what ever that has dripped down in to the base is only honey and glycerine right and ofcourse chemicals in the base lol
  12. No you would love Starbuzz, Out of all the flavours from starbuzz I have enjoyed everysingle one. Its wierd how every starbuzz flavour smells and smokes good (thickkkk smoke). Al fakher has changed I suppose but some of the flavours are still good, the last good flavour I had from them was Coke which was at a shisha cafe. It tasted exacly like coke but still Starbuzz was better in terms of how much flavour you could taste and thickness. Dont get me wrong Al fakher was still good, another good flavour I had was Cappuccino which was brilliant, this was also from a cafe in which the owner imports the flavours from egypt.
  13. Is Starbuzz and Tangiers ever going to reach the UK, I mean as in local shops (e.g edgeware) begin to sell them. Or any online UK suppliers that begin selling them. Also why hasen't it reached the UK, I know about tobacco tax but Al Fakher, Fake Al Fakher!, Al Waha, Nakhla, El Basha, Soex!, Afzal have all been successful. Usually in the markets all you find is soex these days, even though its not bad but nowere near the levels of tangiers and starbuzz. I am sick of ordering from American Based websites with these delivery rates (no offence even though some of them do offer excellent deals). It would be soo much more easier ordering within the UK and paying couple of £'s for delivery.
  14. feel sorry for her baby, if it has gone under stress from tobacco chemicals.
  15. The reason why the packs are labeled 0% tar is because you dont actually burn the shisha but heat them at high temperature. When you smoke shisha tar is formed, but the tar is different to that of cig tar, the properties are different. What must be known is that many of the cancer causing agents that exist in cigarettes dont exist in shisha because of the lower temperatures. I believe shisha is bad for you but no were near the effects of cigarettes. As "r1v3th3ad" was saying there was another post proving weather shisha contained tar. If you look on youtube you can find a video of the tar formation of cigarettes, its very similar to how a hookah works (a water chamber...) the water turns black after 400 cigs. Now you do the maths.... The tar in shisha is different. The nicotine in shisha has allways been known as unadictive, I believe its because the nicotines properties are different. Even though you may be inhaling a lot more nicotine than cigarettes its been proven that nicotine doesnt cause harm to human body if its in its limit (not too high as you can become poisned). I very much doubt that any future research in to hookah smoking will help... due to all the corruption out there. Money rules the world flaw the experiments. I wudnt say every scientist is like this but the ones in major organisations against tobacco (work on banning it)... Put it this way If I didnt know anything about a hookah and I came across a media report claiming that a hookah equalled 20...200 woteva cigarettes with an image of a hookah, I wudnt be suprised, I would fall for them and believe them.
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