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  1. Ive heard that going with a smaller hookah gives you a crappy smoke...I take it I have recieved some misinformation on that? I think Id rather go with 30 or above....any particular reasons why I should stay away from the mid size?
  2. Some of you may have read I recently lost my hookah to an ex....so I need some help buying a new one (just cant live without it, ya know). My old one was 26 inches I believe...and I think I want to stick to that size since I always had a good smoke. Any suggestions on brand/style? Im kinda a novice with all of this stuff, so any suggestions on what or what not to get will be greatly appreciated. Im looking to spend no more than $150....also sometime back I found a website that would let you customize a hookah but i cant seem to remember what site that was. Any ideas? Thanks! Justin
  3. I live in Mercer...Its about an hour north off Pittsburgh. Close to Hermitage and New Castle
  4. QUOTE (bassman65 @ Apr 13 2008, 09:14 PM) Wii costs more most likely Just buy another hookah! yeah, i was contenplating on trading the wii for a hookah
  5. So my gf and I bought our first hookah together about a year ago. Instantly we both fell in love with smoking it as a part of our daily routine. We were living in SW Florida together and we both agreed to move back north to be closer to our families. Well shortly after we got back into town we ended up breaking up and she decided to move right back down. Of course, in the break up we had to split up mutual possessions...well I got the Wii and she got the hookah. I think I've played the Wii twice in the past month, meanwhile Im feening for some Al Fakhir Watermelon/Strawberry mix. I think I
  6. QUOTE (Losgann @ Dec 14 2006, 11:34 AM) I don't think anyone has mentioned them yet, but any In Flames fans? currently lovin' them right now.. Yeah im surprised no one has mentioned them....my girl introduced me to them and i thought they blew at first.....but then i saw them at ozzfest a couple years ago and they blew me away...needless to say they have now infiltrated my mp3 player's most played list
  7. QUOTE (web250 @ Oct 9 2006, 11:43 AM) I'm a big metalcore fan: Between The Buried And Me Every Time I Die Curl Up And Die From A Second Story Window Dillinger Escape Plan although classic metalheads hate that stuff generally. I saw From a second story window a ton of years ago when they were under a different name and i believe a very different lineup......man were they horrible, so i cant take them seriously now
  8. QUOTE (Allia22 @ Aug 18 2007, 11:51 AM) Bah, ash everywhere is pretty much unavoidable. I took my hookah to an anime club meeting, lit the first set of coals outside, ashed as carefully as I could during the session, and still ended up with a fine layer of grit on the host's side table. He made me take it to the kitchen when I lit the second set of coals indoors and sparks rained on his new couch... I felt absolutely terrible Usually their heat makes them start floating upwards before they hit anything, but not this time... T_T that sucks, but thanks for the info...lots of help
  9. Hey everyone I'm still a noob when it comes to my hookah, but I was wondering if there was any differences between the quick lite coal and natural coal...I already know there is going to be a difference in lite speed...but any comments are appreciated..thx
  10. Hi everyone, i just found the forum the other day....so i thought id pop in and introduce myself. My girlfriend and i recently bought our first hookah and have been addicted ever since. My Hookah.
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