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  1. Pineapple Express. Two guys from asian gang smoking hookah
  2. Lucid Watermelon Appearance: dark nicely cut Smell: Watermelon candy... jolly rancher or something Setup: KM Caramana, Namour, 1 coco, small egyptian bowl. Smoke: thick through whole session Taste: watermelon candy/gum Duration: about an hour... would've gone longer Buzz: alot more than im used to. I'm not so big on buzzes. But this one was pretty intense. Overall: 9/10 This is my first bowl of tangiers and it was amazing. I've smoked nothing but starbuzz for about a year with the occasional Fantasia Pink Lemonade and AF Grape. This stuff is bomb i plan on trying as many flavors as i can get my hands on.
  3. i've used coke with cola shisha. its the bomb but it was a pain to clean
  4. I'm 19 and have been doing hookah for a little over a year and even tho I have always been of age i have never been carded when buying anything hookah related around here. All the places have stickers that say have ID ready we card if you look under 25. But never once have i been carded. I get all my tobacco from headshops bec it's actually alot cheaper than online. Theres about 5 of them within 15 mins driving distance from me and one of them sells 250 starbuzz for 15.99 so i'm always there. Always see kids that are noticeably underage in there buying there so called "tobacco only" products.
  5. I didn't think Al Fakher had a bubble gum. Stay away from Al Waha Gum flavor it's nasty. I've tried Fantasia's it's not bad. I know starbuzz makes one too
  6. QUOTE (Stuie @ Jun 20 2008, 10:58 AM) reduce the water a bit throw on a heba diffuser throw Ice in the base that should help reduce water in the hose do heba diffusers fit km's? thought they didn't
  7. i have one of the small 23 inch rotators from hookah company. I ordered it because i only had a qt and wanted to try something bigger. It worked great for about 6 months and then started to leak bad. A whole base full of water would only be about a quarter way full after like twenty mins. It hit great but the hose and bowl that came with it sucked so i got a namour and a phunnel. Also got harsh kinda fast i donno if it's because the base can't hold much water or what. It's only a single hose so the rotator worked quite well. I just got a 29" caramana km for 70 dollars and it's the best hookah that i have ever used. Well worth the money.
  8. QUOTE (willbb123 @ May 27 2008, 12:40 PM) QUOTE (MechAnt @ May 27 2008, 11:37 AM) Only Romman?!?!?!??! You are depriving yourself of the goodness of hookah! Look at the brands Al Fakher, Fusion, Starbuzz, and Layalina for some excellent flavors. The reason we've gone with Romman is I think that its a step up from alWaha(only thing they sell locally) and I'm afraid to order the Fusion or Starbuzz because the site that I buy from doesent carry anything under 250g's and I dont want to pay that much and get that much of a flavor that we hate. QUOTE (Ralleac @ May 27 2008, 01:22 PM) I would not recommend buying a pet with someone you aren't married to. If she wants a puppy she should get it herself unless it is a gift from you. I've been thinking the same thing... I'd be more then happy to go in on food and anything else it needs but what would happen if we break up... I've been trying to think of a way to tell her, and I'm probably going to just tell her like that. Thanks everyone will Ya i'd take romman over al waha too. Try California Dream if you haven't tried it yet tho... only al waha i'll smoke. Try Fantasia. Apple Martini is the bomb and it seems to be a hit among the ladies.
  9. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ May 21 2008, 03:33 PM) pfthahahahahahahahahapahaojsdihcajniahahahahahahahahahagahagapoapahagahat! (thats better than an lol anyday) gods favorite flavor is soex strawberry i know this for a fact, the evidence is all around you this was originally posted in the general section and moved, why did it go to general chit chat? its a hookah topic (for all hookah lovers) its a serious topic (involving god) general chit chat?,hmmmm Gods gotta have better taste than soex... if soex was the only brand around i don't think i would smoke hookah
  10. I voted AF never used one but those things look sweet. Why did you rule out MZ's? They don't look as nice as the others... their pretty plain. But they really do smoke well. I got a perpetual river and smokes like a beast. And pretty cheap too. That km is a good deal tho. I would go for that if it wasn't so tall
  11. QUOTE (fineout @ May 27 2008, 05:10 PM) i have one, have it in my car for smoking on the go. like soco said its definately not the highest of quality but mine is actually still in pretty good shape right now, i got it about 8 months ago. It gives really good clouds, and if you want to have a longer session what i do is just make a really tight ring of foil about 2mm high and it can hold more, also the issue of the coal, i make a crown of foil about 3/4 of an inch high and the coal stays in place. ive had sessions of about 30-45 minutes before on it and still had flavor coming through. although it does get warm after a while ya i started to do the foil ring to keep the coal in right about the time my hookah fell apart. I loved that thing tho. I would've glued it back together but wasn't sure how safe that would be. And my bowl was rusted as hell. Been thinking about getting another one. I'd go for the leila if it wasn't 99. Those things look bad ass
  12. I have a medium and when i use 50g sampler i'll still have a quarter of it left. so i'd say like 30-35 g's. I'd get a small unless you smoke with like 4 or 5 ppl. 35 grams goes a long way in a funnel 2+ hours if you got the heat right
  13. I think they make the best of the "different flavors". Caramel macchiato, apple martini, and cosmopolitan are the bomb.
  14. This was my first hookah got it about year and a half ago. Used to use it in my car during breaks at work haha. First time i ever smoked hookah lite a quicklite in a car with manual windows... not smart at all. It smokes like crazy. You only need like 5 grams to fill up the bowl. Those are definitely out weighed by the flaws tho The base, stem, and hose are all glued together. After about 2 months of use I was cleaning and the whole thing fell apart. The bowl is super shallow. Bowls will last max of like 15 mins. And flavor dies after 5 mins. Heat management is hard. you only need like a quarter of a quicklite and constantly move it around because bowl is so shallow. They rust super easy. Had coal fall off of bowl many times. Smoke gets hot. Not like the tobacco is being burnt. It just gets hot fast prob because base is so small can only hold like an ounce of water. But honestly even with all the cons... it is very fun to use. And you get huge clouds from it. The portability is awesome. Use to cruise around with it in a little cooler in the trunk a bottle of water and a 50g sampler pack. You'd be set for 10 bowls. Smoking-hookah is a major rip off when it comes to shipping tho
  15. Has anybody used the Magdy Zigan Safari? I need a good hookah in24-28 inch range.
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