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  1. Yea I too at one point had all analog gear and I wouldnt dare smoke around it but since I converted everything to digital, I havent worried too much. I keep my Takemine acoustic in its case though
  2. I used to think Mya was the ONLY way to go 24" and above but have come to love my KM more than my mya. BUT, the KM hose sucks. I always use my Nammor
  3. When you ration your shisha out just enough to last till your new shipment gets to you. I have got it down to the bowl!
  4. Mushrat, where do you order your belgian's from?
  5. I always smoke hookah in the studio. I keep it very well ventilated in here but I have found that the hookah smoke doesnt present a problem to equipment as cigs do.
  6. QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Apr 29 2008, 03:11 PM) damn bro i hope my shit looks that good when im done props for the dual displays Yea this is from long time collecting and using. I even built a vocal booth in that room.
  7. QUOTE (toast @ Apr 29 2008, 02:37 PM) i've been smoking using golden coals, three kings, and star lights. a few people are telling me natural coals are far better with taste and burn time. should i believe them? what kind of natural coals do you smoke? how long do they last? I used to only smoke with 3Kings but when I moved over to natural coals, I instantly could tell the difference. I can even stand to use 3 Kings anymore because of the chemical taste they bring. Now, the 2 big naturals are Exoticas and Coconaras. After using both for a while now, I have found that Coconaras are far superior over exoticas but the Exocs get a star for price.
  8. Heres about a pic about a month ago of the studio. Its redone now looking better. And its actually 2 inch thick studio foam. Got the best price on it for almost 100 sq ft.. The rest is my own made 6 acoustic panels.
  9. I have been meaning to post pictures of my hookahs on here but keep getting distracted. Well after getting my KM about a month ago, I decided it was time to take pics of the fam. And now after smoking KM and Myas, I gotta put my money on KM. Enjoy!
  10. I would like to say I am the proud owner of a KM and after smokin a mya for so long, the KM was a great change
  11. Here in Tallahassee we got 3 stores and one carries Fumari plus their own blends which are some of the best.
  12. yea everytime I use coconut milk, my sessions have been great! It definitely works better than regular milk
  13. What I do is take a serrated knife and carve into enough to get it to stick in the coal and then push pressure on it to break off. I usually will break the coals into 3 pieces.
  14. I used to go to the shisha cafe around here and they would give me 50g bags of any flavor they carried. This was great for coming up with new blends but unfortunately they stopped doing that because of new manangement. It was the best thing ever. Here is a mix we came up with that we called the Teddy Graham: Hazelnut, Butterscotch, Honey & mocha.
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