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  1. ah thanks for the info! and i know rust is type of oxidation, just didnt go into detail
  2. this probably is rust. my first pipe did the same, cheap horrible made egyptian. oxidized metal wont be orange. rather a white, blue, or yellow color if im not mistaken.. someone correct me if im wrong... i myself just got a used km, which looks to have oxidized in the part you connect the hose, how do i stop this oxidation
  3. whatsup guys, its been years since ive been very active round here. some may remember me some may not. you can find my history here, youtube or on hdAnyways just picked up a used heart of the lion trimetal from a local. As all my old pipes and accessories got stolen. i have a couple questions since i havnt been around.. best washable hose now days? most popular flavors/brands now. ne bowls/products since 09 lol my favorites used to be tangiers,af,aw,and some starbuzz..
  4. What are your favorite tangiers flavors?(non lucid) What have the best taste? ive had orange soda juicy peach and horchata. What are some of your other favorites besides those? Thanks, Smidge
  5. ok i use a phunnel bowl, and it smokes amazingly well! And i have tried the new vortex bowls, and u can pack less shisha but still get just as long sessions as u can with the phunnel! As for the superchief ive never used one so i would not have any input on that
  6. the exotica japanese coals are ok. they are not the greatest. but if you want a review, here u go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8n_HhfiS3E
  7. QUOTE (iamscott06 @ Aug 21 2008, 12:45 PM) Same thing happened to me and my roommate!! We got the tub, opened it and it smelled pretty good. Couple minutes later im like there where some bad batches of this going around that smelled like ketchup, we take another sniff and .. we smell ketchup! WTF! i got a 50g of golden grape. and it smelled a bit like ketchup. i was thinking i hope it doesnt smell/taste like ketchup. my friend said it didnt and i told him to think of ketchup and then he smelled it... and i let him smoke it he said it was gross
  8. i've been smoking tangiers juicy peach and i'm not sure if im getting all the flavor out of it... im not getting much of a peach flavor. i pack my bowls just like snoopy does. pick up clumps and pack it. then push it down with foil, then continue with the foiling. I use two coconut coals. Any suggestions? do you guys want pics?
  9. i have them too, i like them. its just they let off alot of embers, and the ash falls off real easy, and gets all over the bowl
  10. what is your setup? and how did you pack your bowl?
  11. QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jul 8 2008, 11:30 PM) Are these the same coals? Those ARE the same coals that HC has...
  12. QUOTE Regarding the water build-up... are you sure it's water, and not hookah juice? I get hookah-juice buildup there all the time, from the shisha fluids dripping down the grommet. It's just about unfathomable that water would build up there, unless you're purging so hard that you soak the shisha (completely ruining it, trust me you'd notice) and probably putting out the coals. Hope that's been helpful. yes, ive come to the conclusion that it was shisha juice dripping down. i put a phunnel on there and nothing! so yes it was shisha juice. and thanks for the replies guys!
  13. well now, its really starting to make me angry, i keep getting water buildup under my tray. And i know for a fact its not condensation. So what is the cause of this? too much water? purging to hard? btw the o-ring i was talking about ripped so i tossed it. And now the stem wiggles... (not easily but it does)
  14. going to pick up some starbuzz right now, just wondering what your guys top 5 flavors are? i've had blue mist kiwi(hated it if any1 wants to trade pm me) white peach cosmopolitan passion kiss x on the beach tequila sunrise
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