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  1. Hey guys. Sorry for bumping up such an old thread, but I guess I've just made an alarming discovery and I'm kinda freaked out - so couldn't help posting here. I've got a mya gelato econo hookah, and have been using it a couple of years now I think. Just last night after a session I observed my stem clearly and it looks like it's rusted - however it seems to be a aluminium stem with chrome finish - from the description - so I must have taken really bad care of it for it to turn out this way - please check attached pictures. So the freaking out part comes after I decided to read up on the rust, and discovering that smoking from rusted pots can be poisonous! I've no clue how long this rust or buildup has been on my pot and how many sessions I've smoked since it's been up! So I wanna ask the experts here if I should look out for something health wise, or better still, should I get any tests done? I know it's risky during covid but I don't know what else to think. I'd like to thank you all in advance - please help a brother out! PS - while we're at it, what should I look for in my new pot? What materials preferably? Thanks!
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