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  1. Box Spring vs. Platform Bed: Which is the Best One? Box spring or platform bed! Which is the best one for comfortable sleep? This is a common question with those planning to buy a bed frame? Do you prefer a bed that you just place a mattress on it or you will need more support for the mattress? This is what will determine whether you will use the platform bed as designed or you will need a box spring. Basically, a platform bed can be used without a box spring but a box spring cannot be used without a bed frame unless you are sleeping on the floor. Before you can buy any of them, it’s imperative to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Read more Ultimate Guide to the Best Cheap Low Solid Wood Twin Platform Bed Frame with Headboard and Drawers A Box Spring Before memory foam mattresses were introduced, box spring had been popular and widely used with the traditional beds. They are not only used for the comfort they guarantee, but also for mattress protection and the fact that they raise the bed. Advantages of a Box Spring · One of the advantages is that they raise the bed to offer an extra height. This is good for those that need to climb or get out of bed easily. · A mattress placed directly on a bed frame is subjected to premature wear and tear or sagging. Since a box spring will absorb the weight, it prevents this problem. · A box spring makes it easy for the mattress to absorb the weight of the users better. Disadvantages of Box Springs · Over the time of use, it's highly likely that a box spring will lose its support · Once a box spring is placed on a bed, the underneath bed storage will reduce · You will have to spend more money on top of the mattress and the bed frame to buy a box spring A Platform Bed Platform beds are low profile beds that can be used with or without a box spring. These modern beds have become quite popular and unlike the traditional beds, they don’t require a box spring. There are different styles to choose from and you are guaranteed air circulation for your mattress. Advantages of Platform Beds · There are different styles that you can choose from depending on your preferences. This simply means that you are not limited to a specific style. · There are different materials to choose from. You can opt for wood, metal or upholstered platform beds · Platform beds have slats, and the solid surface has holes to ensure there is airflow for the mattress. This will reduce the chances of mold · You can have one that gives you storage space underneath which will save on space in your bedroom · With this type of bed, you will not require a box spring to secure and protect your mattress. They are designed to secure the mattress without a chance of sliding off Disadvantages of Platform Beds · They are low profile which can be a challenge for some people to get in and out of bed · You will need to spend money on a high-quality mattress that will offer the ideal comfort Due to the fact that a box spring will need a bed frame to be used, they are the added cost to your budget. On the other hand, a platform bed only requires a good mattress. Once you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, you will be making an informed decision for your bedroom and comfort. Visit our link https://platformbedexpert.com to learn more. How to Pick Right Platform Bed for My Bedroom Platform beds are modern beds that you can use comfortably without a box spring. Although they are low profile beds, one can use risers or add wheels to add height. Once they are higher, you can get some underneath storage space. They are versatile as they are available in different sizes and styles. This simply that you can always get one that matches your requirements, but how do you pick the right platform bed for your room? · Consider the Style of the Bedroom The style of the bedroom should help you pick the right platform bed. Remember that this furniture is a focal point in this particular space. Probably, the style of your bedroom is modern and sleek. In this case, a metal platform bed turns out to be a great option but if it’s a welcoming and warm style, you may get a wooden bed. · Consider the Structure As you pick your platform bed, remember that you need a strong structure. An a structure that will support your mattress and weight for a long time to come. People are of different weights and although metal and wood that commonly make platform beds are sturdy, always consider how strong that structure is. Types of woods are different with varying strengths. · Consider the Size of Your Mattress Perhaps you already have a mattress that you want to continue using and all you need is a new platform bed. You must first take the size and the weight of the existing mattress into account. The dimensions are vital as without them, the two might not be compatible with each other. For example, if you have a queen size mattress, you must shop for a queen size platform bed. · The health of the Materials Used Platform beds are made from different materials with the most commonly used ones being metal and solid wood. On metal, only a finish is used thus you should make sure it’s not toxic. The problem comes when you opt for other types of materials such as particle and plywood beds rather than solid wood ones. Wood types such as particleboards are put together with glue. When temperatures rise, it is highly likely that your platform bed will release chemicals and odor from the glue holding the particles together. As you pick your platform bed, consider ones made from solid wood and metal. · Don’t Forget the Size of the Bedroom The size of the bedroom where the platform bed will be placed determines the size of the bed gets. If you already have a bed that you want to replace or a mattress, consider whether it seems too large or small for the room. This will guide you on the size of the bed to pick. You do not want a bed that is too small or one that will make the space feel cramped. The size of the room, the health of the materials used to make the bed, the style of the room and the strength of the entire structure will help you pick the right platform bed. Visit our link https://www.scoop.it/u/twin-platform-bed to learn more.
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