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  1. Hi, I recently purchased what I am told is an antique Quatari Hookah off craigslist. I am unfamiliar with this hookah design. I can't get it to smoke at all and am hoping someone can help. I don't detect any air leaks. Here's what I tried: I removed the cap with the stars, took off the tray with the hole in the middle, packed about 15g of shisha over the holes in the bottom of the metal bowl, put the tray back on, covered the metal bowl and the tray with aluminum foil, and applied the cooked coals. Despite the bowl getting quite hot, I never got any smoke. Inalso tried removing the tray, and it had no impact. What am I missing? My theories are: 1) I am missing some sort of additional bowl attachment that is supposed to go in the hole in the tray, and because I don't have it the 2.5 inch gap between the foil and shisha is too big to allow proper heating/smoke? 2) I need to use way more shisha to get it close to the coals? 3) There is an leak I'm missing? 4) The old hoses are somehow defective and causing problems? Thoughts? I really appreciate any advice anyone can provide. Thanks!
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