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  1. OK - I have been doing MOD's for people for some time now (since 1998). I have done things different, some things for people to enjoy or do. i.e. put an Nintendo/NES/ PlayStation/Sega/Dream-cast/Xbox into a car/truck's dashboard. A few in other things like a fish tank and so on. I like a challenge. So I always wanted a keg hookah: Heavy - so it would be harder to be stolen or moved solid - The keg is two types aluminum or stainless steel (stainless is best as we all know) I lucked out on a 15 or 15 gallon keg that some tech was so kind to deliver and place inside a freezer to end up exploding the air lock valve popped out and they were useless. So i did what i found best - make a hookah. my photo file was to big in MB. going to have to find someway to compress enough to get through. I used top hat grommets for the hose and air check valve for clearing smoke and keeping an air tight seal. I found a rubber plug just the right size to squeeze it in. I have video of smoking it worked great nice cool smoke and great clean clouds.
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