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  1. Hi skoozle. Thanks for that. I think I figured out what’s best for me. Pure raw tobacco leaf with a small amount of mint hookah (AF etc...) on top for flavor and to help it burn better. Not sweet. Perfect!
  2. Hi y’all. Like hookah but find it too sweet. Any less sweet ones I can buy? Perhaps more natural like and less fruity / artificial like Al Fakher etc...
  3. Hi fellow hookah/shisha lovers. My first time posting after reading tons of great posts. Anyone know about smoking hookah similar to how was back in the Middle East like 40 years ago? I live in Cali and want to try it but don’t know exactly what it was. But one thing I know is that it was not sweet like the current hookah tobacco they sell in stores. I think they were non flavored as well. I may be mistaken but I think they were dry leaves not the wet molasses/honey type we buy in stores now. But they had a good taste. In the deep Middle East they call it “Ghelyoon”. I thought it may have been just dried natural tobacco without added flavoring. It it didn’t work: I bought pure organic tobacco leaves from a company online. I washed and cut the leaves into very small pieces by hand a couple of times with warm water. Then let them sit in hot tea water (Djarjeling/Black tea for flavor) for several minutes. Then shred them more by hand. Then dried them (sit out overnight to dry then in oven for 25 mins at 200 degrees. Was super excited to try packed the bowl of my Ghelyoon. And to my dismay no smoke/barely any smoke would come out. I read a few posts so I added some honey to it and.... again some improvement but minimal smoke. Last resort was I added some modern hookah tobacco from Al Faker to it and it finally worked but overpowered by the honey and the AF. Any ideas? Thanks.
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