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  1. You know that feeling when your sleep is disturbed by your phone, and you are somehow aware that it is morning, but have no idea what time it actually is....then you panic, and clumsily leap out of bed, rushing to the phone, praying you aren't late for work? As my husband oh-so-gracefully tried to jump out of bed to get to his phone, he bounced over top of me, breaking my blissful slumber with the entire weight of his body, focused by his KNEECAP, coming down onto the top of my left foot. The poor thing is broken to bits. On top of that (Murphy's Law, and all), my computer just decided to stop working. It was perfectly fine, I put it in sleep mode, and the next morning, the damn thing can't locate an operating system O_o I swear, Macs are like Mercedes...they don't break often, but when they do, it's a GD pain in the ASS to get it fixed. And expensive, too! So, here I am, unable to walk, and without a computer. All I have been doing is watching tv and movies all day long >_< I'm not big on tv, in general. But, I have learned a lot of useless things over the past 5 days. The first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies in WWII killed an elephant in the Berlin Zoo. Indiana Jones would be nothing without Sean Connery. Load-bearing walls almost always run perpendicular to floor braces. S-21 was some awful shit in Cambodia. Iron maidens had spikes at eye, breast, stomach, and groin levels. Italy and Spain were the only countries that regularly burned "witches" alive; others strangled the "witch" before setting fire to her. The reasoning for burning heretics at the stake was that the fire would help prepare them for the eternal fires of Hell. It takes, on average, 2 hours for a person to burn to death. Hitler's favorite movie was Snow White,`and the Seven Dwarves. The only difference between moonshine and whiskey/bourbon is that moonshine is not aged. Headlice would go extinct if humans died out. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
  2. Same. Towel dry, then air dry the rest. I have one of those metal dishdrainers that I dry mine in, to keep it upright, so gravity helps, but I can keep the pieces seperate.
  3. I like the Guava, personally. It's really sweet, a little spicy, and it has a good body to it, sorta creamy...just a really enjoyable smoke, especially with margaritas & Mexican food X] The hookah lounge I went to Tuesday sad that Choc. Strawberry was by far their best seller; they have to order it 3x more than any other flavor (they only serve Starbuzz).
  4. Yes! I loved it! It's tart, and SO intense. I much prefer it to Starbuzz's sweet melon, which is really bubblegum-y X] We've also mixed it with Layalina Pear, and it was a little sweeter, but it still held a bit of that ncie tart flavor...idk, my husband loved it mixed, but I liked it being sour, personally. Next, I am going to mix it with some mango. I think this flavor will be an awesome addition to my arsenal X] We also tried the Romman Cola last night, and it was excellent! It tasted just like those candies, Bottlecaps (best candy ever!), with just a little spice. Definately good stuff. I wonder how they can be so spot on with some flavors, and so horribly off with others? lol
  5. Oh, my! We loved every second of the Tangiers We got very little noticeable buzz (hubby didn't get any), but we are heavy ciggy smokers. Our non-smoker friend that we invited over got a head rush X] Seriously awesome flavor, we're going to be buying a LOT more of this!
  6. I made a new sig tonight =] Figured I'd add it here, and also toss my hat in for anyone that might want a sig done. I've got nothing better to do all day *shrug*
  7. Yeah, really, this stuff almost knocked me on my ass when I smelled it. I'm praying my nicotine tolerance will get me through this one It's aclimating now, on the other side of the house, and I can still smell it Oh yeah, it's Kashmir Peach, because I know anyone that responds is going to ask what flavor I got I also got: Romman: Strawberry (smells like candy), Cola (smells like generic Coke), and Peach (smells like car air freshener!) Havana: Cappucino (smells like coffee, but not strong enough to overpower the tangiers!), Mango (smells like the fruit), and Banana & Honey (smells like raisins O_o). Anyway, I also got one of those cheap $1.95 bowls from HS (I just wanted a spare). It's pretty nice, I like the shape, and the size (much smaller than my mod bowl). The only defects I found was that the glaze missed a spot (idc), and two of the 5 holes are completely glazed over. My husband said, "We'll just make that our Tangiers bowl....isn't that stuff suposed to cook, anyway?" lol Anyway...I'm excited
  8. QUOTE (gixxer209 @ Aug 23 2007, 10:07 AM) i know im a little new at this but this happens to me all the time as you smoke and the coal burns down the top of the shisha starts to dry out and then burn which will start to give harsh smoke. i like screens because u can take the screen off and mix up the shisha but u have more heat lost. with foil u have great heat mangement and well u cant mix it up in the middle of a bowl at least i dont think so, i need advice to i always get harch smoke i used gold quicklights and ive kinda like king moassel banana it taste like candy banana, so if some one can help me to The golden quicklights always gave me a headache, and had a strong chemical flavor/smell. Could be why the shisha tastes harsh. Just my $0.02 =]
  9. QUOTE (olooko @ Aug 23 2007, 01:03 AM) QUOTE (Kae @ Aug 22 2007, 03:10 PM) I would suggest having spare hoses for those really strong flavors. I've found mint, coffee, chocolate, and floral flavors stick to the hose more than others. We ditched all of our unwashable hoses, and made them out of clear vinyl tubing from the hardware store (super easy, I'll have to post in the how-to, heh). Our hoses cost us about $3 apiece this way, and we can afford to have several. Cool, glad to know that someone else is using the tubeing from the hardware store, I was hesistant to convert my Mya hose, which is suppose to be washable, but not. I know because i replaced my pals MYA hose with the tubing and the coil inside was rusted to Hell. Although he had his hose longer than me, but still I don't want to think that my hose with look like that some day. Question what size tubeing did you use? 1/2 OD or 3/4 OD Oh, I dunno what size, lol...there was only one size at my hardware store. It's about half an inch across, outside diameter (is that what OD means?). It fit very snugly on the end of the mouth piece part of my old hose, but I zip-tied it, just in case. The other end fits VERY tightly into the hose port of my hookah, with a grommet. It's actually kind of annoying once in a while, because I have such a hard time getting it OUT, lol...but I'm willing to deal with that to have clean hoses I've also used the vinyl tubing with a male plastic tip coverer thing as the mouthpiece...but that def took more work to get airtight. Still, it was much cheaper than buying a new hose, just for the mouthpiece, heh. We also used Mya hoses, but I really got tired of the taste not being clean. I cut it open, and it was disgusting! We had only had our hoses for 3 months.
  10. I would suggest having spare hoses for those really strong flavors. I've found mint, coffee, chocolate, and floral flavors stick to the hose more than others. We ditched all of our unwashable hoses, and made them out of clear vinyl tubing from the hardware store (super easy, I'll have to post in the how-to, heh). Our hoses cost us about $3 apiece this way, and we can afford to have several. As for cleaning, we use 1 part vinegar to 8 parts water, and it completely refreshes our hookah (we have an acrylic hookah, which I am told holds smell and flavor more than glass). Frequently, we are out of vinegar, but we always have vodka on hand (priorities, you know ), and we use the same 1 part vodka to 8 parts water to clean. Works every time =) Also, I hafta say, good job getting the A9 to stick; I get hardly any smell or flavor out of mine =( Well, nothing resembling chocolate, or mint ~.^
  11. Oh, muh favorite things: Camping last month: Marrying the man of my dreams: Getting totally blitzed with my best friend: Killing Jews!! Ok, not really.....:
  12. QUOTE (dank7oo @ Jul 19 2007, 08:08 PM) Thanks for the info guys - Also ... when I am ordering ... about how many sessions would you get out of 50g??? I just dont really have a method to judge right now how much smokes how much ... thanks We buy a lot of 50g packages, because we are fairly new, and trying out a bunch of brands/flavors. We get anywhere from 3-5 sessions from 50g, depending on how wet the shisha is. The Layalina Black Grape was dripping wet, and we got about 3 sessions from that; the Al Waha Winter Flower was more sticky than wet, and we have already gotten 4 sessions out of it, and have another bowl's worth left. I wouldn't even worry about how much you will get outta the diff sized pkgs. If you like it, you can just buy a bigger pkg of it. If you don't, you can toss it, and only be out, what, like, $2, maybe? (I would pay $2 to not have to smoke this Romman Coconut ever again! )
  13. I have a modern hookah, and mine has seperate holes for the purge valve and hose. However, it also has a third hole, in between the two, that I am still not sure what is for X]
  14. The hookah lounge here in Santa Cruz, CA just changed their prices to $9.99 a bowl, unlimited coals, Starbuzz. I think before it was $15 a bowl (but before the price change, it was still $9.99 for locals). It seems to be a pretty cool place, from what I can tell, but I have not been there, since my disturbing experience with the lounge I went to in Monterey. This place here has live music, and I'm pretty sure it has a bar, as well.
  15. AVAST YE MATEY!! No, seriously, Avast has done wonders for my hubby's comp, and we recommend it to everyone we know. I just got an email from my mom last night thanking us for the tip, and saying she hasn't had to swear at her computer once since installing Avast). In all honesty, tho...I don't worry about that shit, because, *ahem*, I have a Mac. I click whatever the hell I want to, and I have never had a problem. Partly because, well, there just isn't much out there that is written for Mac (I have enough trouble getting LEGAL programs that'll run on my OS! lol), and also because my settings require my admin password to do just about anything. Still, I feel your pain, man. Good to have you back, too =]
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