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  1. We like to use naturals from actual wood we use for bonfires. No taste or anything. They are excellent and free. =]
  2. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Feb 22 2008, 12:24 AM) I got a big ass al kemma wood coal on it, need more? I always have to use more heat on my phunnel than a regular clay bowl, so I would say yes, more.
  3. Well, I would try the actual brand if you think its fake. That sounds like a case of bad shisha if you ask me.
  4. QUOTE (datsyriankid @ Feb 22 2008, 01:45 AM) so I used the new funnel which by the way holds soooo much shisha, like i had a 50 gram sample and used nearly all of it and the foil still caved in instead of being a straight layer, and after an hour of thick smoke with 3 coconara coals, i was done and cleaned it out and there was a lot of unburned shisha, how can i fix this, I'm not sure if 4 coals would be too much or not, but still, I can't really underpack the funnel because then it wont be level... any suggestions? You can do two things: 1) Re-use that same bowl until it tastes burnt. I've done it before with full flavor the next session. Just don't let the tobacco dry out by keeping it at room temperature until next use. 2) Don't pack the entire funnel. A few users have put shisha on one side of the funnel, put foil on and poked holes on that side only, and smoked half a bowl that way. I think one user had holes all the way around, but only put coals one side so that air flow wouldn't be as restricted.
  5. QUOTE (gr!m @ Feb 21 2008, 10:37 PM) Anyways I agree, I used to smoke cloves and black and milds...even those taste bad now. Odd, because I don't enjoy most of any flavors anymore after I started cloves. I enjoy the taste Djarum Black cloves leave behind. They're starting to taste like bananas to me for some reason, lol. They also give me the same buzz a hookah would, but its ease of use and portability is slowly drawing me away from hookah. My friends are always asking me about bringing my hookah around, but I just leave it at my girlfriends house because I have no desire to smoke it anymore. I'm thinking about getting a KM hose and some Fusion, which I think will get me going again if the shisha is as good as the reviews say.
  6. If he wanted to, he could ban users from a whole ISP, or a IP that starts with a certain number. For example if he noticed spammers posting from two different IPs and they started with the same address (Meaning they're on a router), he could say ban IP (This is a random IP) 323.24.234.XX. Any IPs starting with that would not be able to access the forum. I'm sure theres more ways, but I've never been a mod before. Is it possible to block people from connecting through all proxy connections? You may not want to answer that, and I wouldn't blame you for it.
  7. QUOTE (waterboi @ Feb 19 2008, 11:39 PM) kinda looks like the marble syrian from social smoke with a different base I agree, not to mention if you click on the picture and translate the french thats at the top, then it says marble shisha, which pretty much means its a hookah with marble on it.
  8. QUOTE (thecoalition @ Feb 19 2008, 10:52 PM) nopeace you just need to start trying some af mint. if you cant taste that then you are cursed by the hookah gods +1. If the only brand you can get your hands on is Layalina, then get Passion Fruit. Its as strong as, if not stronger than mint. Its got an extremly strong flavor.
  9. QUOTE (Luke69 @ Feb 16 2008, 11:37 PM) O i see, what about golden grape? I havn't smoked it, but I have heard amazing things from it, I'd replace grape with AF Vanilla. The cinammon from AF on the other hand is freaking amazing, and I heard AF cinammon + AF vanilla is delicious. The AF watermelon is a very flavorful smoke, also. Oh my god, its one of the most flavorful fruit shisha's I've had. It was amazing when I had it.
  10. Just curious, but do you have a metal tip at the end of your hose? I find that those limit flavor enormously, and they give off a weird taste. Do you stir your shisha before you pack your bowl? Try to get a good amount of the honey/glycerin/molasses on teh shisha. Too much will be a bitch to get going, though. Also, try washing out the stem. New hookahs can have a weird taste to them. Make sure you have enough water in the base, also. I've forgot to put water in my hookah and I didn't get any taste, but plenty of smoke, lol. Layalina has plenty of flavor. It makes up the majority of my smokes. What hookah did you get, by the way?
  11. QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Feb 14 2008, 03:33 AM) which is exactly why it isn't cross-platform. Microsoft disagrees with you. Awhile back when I used to read gaming magazines, Microsoft was working on a program to link all games microsoft has for PC and Xbox for online play. Don't remember how long ago it was, but it was just announced when I read it. Edit: Also, if your PC can run it, I don't see why you'd want to buy the console (Or any console period), unless you want to play with your friends. All my friends suck at shooters, so I play PC. =D
  12. Yeah, like they said, drop the opacity on the smoke thats on both sides. More so the bottom corners of smoke than anything. The back smoke looks good, IMO. Also, make it smaller.
  13. I'm 18, and I have a friend I've known since I was 3 or 4, so I've known him about 14 to 15 years. Our social circle consists of people we've known for the same amount of time. We all grew up together. While we were still in highschool, he started dating this girl. Everything was cool at first, they had their normal troubles just like any relationship, but over time, there were more problems than not. They eventually broke up about a year and a half after dating. Both of them were pretty upset about it, more her than him, but the break up was over change. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and was going in a bad direction for awhile. He didn't want to be part of that, so he broke it off. However, they still talk as if they were in a relationship, and they still have sex. Well, my friend called her one day and said "Im through. Dont love you anymore, don't want to see you, etc, etc.", but he still calls her every now and then, and he blows up on her when shes around us, his friends. I mean he just goes fucking nuts. I've never, in my long time of knowing him, think he'd get so pissed over stuff so small. Well, she recently befriended my girlfriend, and they're starting to hang out with eachother quite often. One day I called him and asked if he was going to do anything for his ex-girlfriend for valentines day, just out of curiousity, and he kept asking me "Why?". I told him I was just curious (Because I was), and he said no. Apparently after he got off the phone with me, he called her and started yelling at her calling her a lying bitch. He kept telling her to stop asking people to try to get information out of him for her, and told her to stop lying. Which everything he said was obviously way off, because I had not talked to her about it. The reason I was asking was because my girlfriend and I were going to do something for her for valentines day because she is completly crushed by him. We just wanted to cheer her up just a smidgen. Do you think I'd be out of line by having my name on the gift? I didn't think it was that big of a deal until I told one of our other close friends about it.
  14. QUOTE (NoPeace @ Feb 10 2008, 10:34 PM) well after reading geiseric's post about copper in the how to section i realized that HEY wow my hookah has a copper interior which would explain why when i clean it out there is a blu-ish green resin in it. well when copper oxidizes it forms a blu-ish-greenish rust!!! yea so my hookah is not only putting carcinogens in my body but also large quantities of copper!!! yay! lol. never ever using that hookah again. im thinking of maybe going to the doctors to see if the amount of copper in my body is higher than normal. any comments? EDIT:: oh yea i was looking up side effects of copper at high levels for short term and WOW guess what i found out. originally i thought that my friends and i were getting headaches from CO poisoning, well guess what. it was copper!!!! yay!!! do u think me smoking from that hookah like 4-6 times a month for the past year is really bad fro me? should i be concerned because i heard it affects developement and growth EDIT:: again should i see a doctor? anyone have any suggestions? If it really bothers you that much, then yes go see a doctor. The head aches could still be from CO, and not copper, especially from quicklites. It all depends on how much you drink/eat before and after, how many times you hit it, and if you breathe in between pulls.
  15. You'd be surprised how many packages get lost because of lazy employees. I don't know how HC packages their products, but your box sounds like it came open on the belts, was stepped on and opened, or was squished by a heavier box making the box it was in really weak. It probably then got opened, stuff came out of it, and people kept loading it anyway. Eventually your shisha is all over the place, not in a box, and is sitting in a hub somewhere collecting dust. I have stuff like that happen in my truck atleast once a night, but I try my best to keep it all together. Some times you can't help it because a retarded sorter threw a damaged box on the belt, and the rest of the stuff in the box could be anywhere in the building.
  16. QUOTE (gr!m @ Feb 7 2008, 10:08 PM) Layalina Guava...so sour it sour faces your soul...oh...smells like salty garbage and guavas! Never again I tell myself. Dude, thats one of my main smokes. Oh so delicious. Everyone loves it at the parties I go to.
  17. QUOTE (Gaius @ Feb 8 2008, 01:18 PM) Dear Shisha Lovers, Thanks for all of the feedback, especially those who sent back their forms. Your comments are definitely helpful, and will go a long way in assisting us in improve our product before roll-out. I appreciate all who have participated, and want to offer them my hearty thanks. If you haven't had a chance to fill out your evaluation forms, please do. Your feedback is very important to us, and we take your comments very seriously. I know that with the information we have gathered so far (and continue to gather) , we will be able to continously improve our product to bring you the best Shisha available. Stay tuned. Thanks, Gaius Awesome, man. Glad to see people didn't just reap you of your shisha because it was free. Good luck with the product. =D
  18. QUOTE (erufiku @ Feb 7 2008, 08:43 PM) Don't know about that particular model, but from what people have been writing, you're just as good with a 10-15$ heater from Wal-Mart. Yep, don't buy that charcoal heater. Its a waste of money. I have a $10 coil heater from Wal-greens, and it works like a dream. Its pretty indistructable, too. Fell off my friends car while we were driving down the road and its been left out in the rain plenty of times. The cord to it is too short, but nothing that can't be fixed with an extension laying around the house.
  19. Bryantos


    I'm going to Warhammer Online and maybe, but probably not, Age of Conan. Conan looks so bad ass with the battle system mechanics. You get to actually decide how to swing your sword, where you want to hit the victim, etc.
  20. QUOTE (shoresidejake @ Feb 7 2008, 09:11 AM) where are you selling? local shop, flea market, online, home-operation? just curious as i'm starting a local business as well. Really? I'm in Jacksonville also. If its a hookah store, then carry something besides Layalina and AF. I already have sources for those brands. =P
  21. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Feb 7 2008, 12:10 AM) I have been told, by gay men, who came and talked to our class in highschool, that it's not a choice. I will believe homosexual's word over any of yours, hands down no questions asked. And the reason for this is...? I wouldn't trust a priest just because hes a priest. "I didn't touch that boy!" Lie. You stuffed him like a thanksgiving turkey. Anywho, you're basically saying girls go through "bi-sexual" stages, but guys don't? How do you know those "gay" guys in highschool you're talking about arn't married with their own kids right now? Even if they're not, guys go through phases also, sexual or not. If JD doesn't want his kids exposed to homosexuality, and I probably wouldn't either due to the fact that I may want some grand kiddies I can spoil someday, then thats how he wants to raise his kids. Their is no wrong way. I'm going to beat the mess out of my kids. (That last sentence is to be taken LIGHTLY)
  22. Yeah, The Casbah, a hookah bar here, continues to sell it and allow people to choose it to smoke when they've had nothing but bad batches for the last 5 months. I got ripped and just threw it out. Tastes and smells horrible.
  23. QUOTE (OBY @ Feb 5 2008, 05:27 AM) I got a bag of clove powder from the health food herb store and put a pinch full in the bowl. I must say it was rather nice. I also put a sprinkle in bowls I don't really like the taste of. It makes it a tad better. Didn't notice much numbing at all and the smoke wasn't harsh. Now I really have to try this.
  24. QUOTE (bubbascigars @ Feb 5 2008, 02:09 AM) Well thanks I was looking for a setup for cheap light up pumpkin hookahs. I hope they are legit outfit. Later Bubba Bubba, I found the wholesalers website that H-S gets their stuff from if you would like it. They even state they won't sale for personal use and recommend H-S for customers browsing for personal use. Thats kind of odd from a wholesaler... haha. They sell the disco pumpkins you're looking for, but have to contact them for a price.
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