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  1. Hi this post is for the Hookah community, I am reaching out to you seeking your help on how to deal with starbuzz inc. whenever you have problem with their products. I purchased I Discovery stem STSN-03585 from Texas hookah in houston Tx, after a month of use it’s started falling apart: overheating like crazy no flavor and got a very hard pull, it’s not smoking like a normal hookah, you can clearly tell the stem has a defect. First I contacted Texas hookah, they told me the stem has 5 year warranty and I need to contact starbuzz inc. that’s was fair enough. I stated contacting starbuzz by calling their number, customer service rep answers I’ll tell them my story and issues, then they’ll asked me to leave my info with a message and someone will call me back. I left more than 40 message never got contacted by anybody. I emailed warranty and waited for weeks no response, I emailed waleed no response whatsoever. I called and called many many times,they just answer with an unpleasant tone can’t even listen to you or direct you to the right department. It feels to me that starbuzz Corp is a one man show or something. Huge let down, I’ve been a starbuzz supporter since day one always been a fun, it’s not about the stem I really don’t give a two.... about that discovery, it’s all about customer care. I collect hookahs I have over 30 hookahs all brands, but imagine somebody that has only one hookah and doesn’t have the money to spend on multiple hookahs gets a problem like mine, what would he or she do? They’ll give up on the whole hookahB/S. Starbuzz get your...... together take care of your people, your customer service is pathetic I am sorry to say that but it’s the truth. I really want to buy the carbine loved the whole idea behind it and design but I am very hesitant to do so unless my problem is solved. Thank you
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