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  1. Hey You know what you are going to do to make your tobacco suitable for a hookah? Adding glycerine and things..? There is a concentrated skitlles flavour by flavorwest. It seems a bit low concentrated because they say you should mix up to 20percent into glycerin but that's also not too pricie if you buy bigger amounts of this concentrate. Keep your diy tobaccos cheap by buying some bigger amounts of what you need. If you simple close your homemade tobaccos up in a zip lock it's not getting bad in years - it's gettin better in better all the time. By myself I never put more than 250gr in one bag but I make 5 or 6 bags full at once - so I got my flavors for a year or sth like that. Maybe more than a year. Simple mix this concentrate with glycerin (and maybe honey? Honey, I love honey) and add the mixture to ypur tobacco and wait 2 weeks or more so the flavor is everywhere in the molasses and in the tobacco Greetings And IF you add honey to your molasses be sure honey is like a second flavour so maybe use as less as 5 to 10 percent in your mix. The flafour gets more intense the longer it is in the tobacco honey and glycerin. Let it sit in your bags for a month and maybe 5 percent are enaugh. So far so good... xD
  2. Hey there I ask myself if it's normal to you too that Al Fakher produces lots of bad batches like ALL packages they sell nowerdays? You know I come from Germany and my land is trying to make me believe some tobacco rules changed to less harder rules. We had unsmokeable dry hookah tobaccos the last twenty years - and by that a very grown illegal scene for importing good ones. Now we got the 'good' tobaccos back that's what the sellers say but no, I bought some packages Al Fakher the last year and they are all itchy and hard smoke. Taste like a new manufacture had a first try in creating good tobaccos for hookahs. Hey what I thought is Al Fakher is one kind of tobacco which is sooo smooth you can't believe. One kind of tobacco which is so full in flavour you will love or hate each flavor but nothing like 'oh maybe I taste something' and than try to get water in your mouth because it's itchy as hell again. So please understand as a german guy I can only ask right now - is an al fakher always itchin good? Do they often produce bad batches or is that more like - once, realy long time ago I remember a bad batch too? I'm a bit confused right now. A bit confused because of what the vendors in my land say and of what I was thinking at all. Maybe all the good tobaccos I smoked many years ago were just fake I don't know. I'm very happy, don't get me wrong that we german people can buy smokable tobaccos too now in legal cobditions but - is al fakher now an bad batches manufacture like always or is it different in the states? The german cendors say to me it's itchy because the tobacco was hard to buy.. by myself I don't know about hard condition grown tobaccos - I buy leafes and they are best or moldie. Don't know thst problem but I'm private....
  3. Let's stay and talk about things - it is active than. Just to inform you, in germany there is also not one active board. It may seems a bit like there are active but it's an up and down of three or four offending idiots. So if we stay and show that we're on in times we might get an community back. World wide hookah smokers will see this THIS THIS is the only board with members. I will stay and talk about this and that because I want an community. Maybe you too? And if it's not the normal things to offend members I realy like to stay as an active member. Maybe you too? Greetings
  4. Yesterday I smoked a mix of virginia and burley tobacco and so I do later this evening again haha xD
  5. Hello I just want to ask something I never understood and the question is, what does the word 'molasses' mean? For example I call most things I do in my tobacco which are liquids 'molasses'. So honey is my molasses and glycerin is my molasses and if I make a thick paste of tea and add it in it's my molasses too. Blackstrap molasses is also my molasses. What does this word mean and where does it come from? What is not 'my molasses' is difficult to answer for me maybe you can do that? And then, in germany we don't have this word 'moassel' - what is meant with moassel? Is moassel from tobaccos absorbed molasses, the dried molasses is moassel or what? I'm happy to hear from you all! Thanks Dominik
  6. New informations on top! No. Not bad the tea paste idea. A bad idea was the black tea at all because you feel it on your tounges. That's no good. It is really tasty to do it like that. You must take care of your heatmanagement if you do it like that but if it's gettin harsh you just need to wait a few minutes and it's back goin good. A teaspoon of this paste was a too small amount so I use more next time but now is time to wait until that project of traditional flavourings goes on because I got some things to do and no basma orient tobacco here. I think I do my fruits tobacco now only with the basma orient because it's a little bit buzzing and not harsh smoke. Virginia I used is 'not buzzing'/'not buzzing me nice so that's a waste for me. All in all a good try and I'm writing on here if the day of the next try has come. Greetings I'm happy to here from you too diy shishalover The german guy... xD
  7. We had that in my city here too but just a few weeks and than it closed again. How do you do that - what type of charcoal is your service bringing to me if I rent one hookah? Do you bring all stuff I need or with just no hoses? Tobacco? Greets
  8. Let me correct one thing in this discussion. It's not easy to get right and good informations about makin your own shisha. It isn't easy at this time. Watch youtube and one half is lie the other one just near any truth. So - the bowl in this discussion is for 15 to 20 gram WET SMOKIN READY tobacco. If you use it to weight your dry tobacco you loose. If you do this reciepe with 70 grams weight by kitchen scale you loose. Accurate is a nice word but accurate is different. Sorry for that diy shishalovers If I'm wrong please correct me. If you do this by yourself show me pictures. I'm the searching one for shisha reciepes who don't get it right now ;D
  9. Hey do you know Michael Mittermeier? How do you think, is he funny in your language? In German.. hm he is not one of the funniest stand up comedians we got here for me but I laughed so hard I saw his shows in english. There is a show written to dvd which was made in capetown. What a great and funny movie. Great music and great comidian stuff. Anyone knows him? Greets
  10. Hey Don't know anything about lebanese hoses. But maybe it's worth a try to take a typically adapter, those aladin or amy (different types but standard sized) make and get it on your hookah. Is the hose adapter to take it off?
  11. Hello again My tea paste, I hope paste is the right word now pastries I know now are something like cake or cookies. What I mean is paste. I hope thats the right word. Thick consistent stuff - paste.? xD So back to tea paste tobacco. I cooked down about 50g of a tea called tropicana which is a fruits tea with a small amount of added aroma in 500ml water to paste. After getting the tea out what I did before actualy reducing all the water I added some other tropicana tea wich had a black tea as a base - black tea with aroma. I did that because black tea is bitter and thats good for getting more difference in the sweetness. At least that's what I think. Maybe I'm wrong. What I had in the end was about two or three tablespoons of thick paste which was all sour bitter sweet and fruity. Than I mixed it up with glycerin and honey like this 50g tobacco 90g glycerin 20g honey About 10 or 15g of this paste. Maybe twenty And now it sits for six days and it's hard to wait begore I try. Every day it's smells better and it smells very likely at all. Nice. Before I forget. To my Tobacco I added before the molasses came in a bit less than a half ml of star anise oil because it is very very sweet and good if you want it less harsh in smoke. Star anise oil is good stuff I think. Its flavour blended away in days - now you just smell it if you know that its in. Greetings
  12. Okay you say there is no nakhla products at all we can easilie talk about because they are all different products even it's for the same region in the world and given with the same name? Strange things happen. So we shouldn't talk about nakhla because you never know what I'm talkin about and you don't. Hm.. -.- Back to tobacco making That's not too dry for me, realy good smoke and if you add at least a bit of star anise the dry feeling in your mouth goes away and it becomes smokeable for most smokers. But I like it without anise if I want it as natures tobacco flavour. What I found out; you can't add ground vanilla and cacao to that version of tobacco. It burns away. So I'm a bit unkind with that situation, I wanted nature pure but now I need to get vanilla as chemical extracts. Pure vanilla oil is too expensive right now I don't want to spend that much on it. And is there any natural chocolate flavour in the world wich is not chemical at all? PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW I want chocolate in but I can't it's just burning with that. Realy harsh with ground vanilla and cacao. Headache instantly EDIT A bit funny for me but right now I'm about to make some teapastry tobacco. Strange thing but worth the try because all I want is thick true flavor molasses. What is tea pastry? I cook a very strong tea filter out the tea stuff and cook it down to pastry so I can add it into my molasses. Small amounts - a teaspoon or sth like that. Oh that's so interesting right now what I do. Let's have a look what this time will happen. I write in days about this.
  13. That's so cool you're answering. As I found this board in web it seemed a bit out of date but you're here thank you for that. My favourite was always nakhla double apple and fakhfakina fruits but nowerdays I don't know if the quality I got was just fake. Thr nakhlas I can buy now are.. 'different'. I bought the double apple in the states but it was very chemically. Like you said flavour in green and red apples but like a chemical discount was made and they bought as much of it they can. I remember it in very delicious but not chemical at all. The cherry I had was like candy sweets but there is no tobacco anymore that is candy sweet. All konami's superhero comic style tobaccos. Maybe they faked it in best but that's not what I realy think. Here is a picture of my natural tobacco. So good I give you my oppinion about the new apples tobacco I do. I just let it dry now for about ten days then I try firsttime. Today is day.. three I think
  14. Hey Today I started my little journey to get my shisha good again. I made a small batch with following ingredients - after taking a good nose in it I think maybe less Star Anise Oil would do it but I'm happy to wait my ten to fourteen days to get it dry. 50g Tobacco (5g burley in it, I did just had that, waiting for a new order) 20g Honey (forests stuff) 80g glycerin ~1g powdered vanilla, maybe a bit less ~1g powdered cacao(not the sugared mix) About 3g star anise oil Let's have a look how tasty that might become in the next few days, smells great right now Greetings
  15. Thanks for your replies! Hmm okay that's absolutely not was I thought. Green and red apple hm.. i don't know.. I thought a bit about the last days and the next try will be about mixing some pure ingredients - cacao(just a bit), true vanilla(powdered), some star anise oil but also not much. So the real tobacco sence might stay and I will taste more undertones of vanilla and chocolate wich the virginia and the burley always got by itselfs. I think rich flavourings come by taking small amounts of the good things. I'm not about to make it more wet then this 1 to 2 ratio(tobacco molasses) but I'm going to get some real good dark honey for that. I like the natural nonflavoured I do very much which is just a mix of virginia burley honey and glycerin. Smokes nice huge clouds and tastes delicious like tobacco does. I'll post a recipe when I'm sure I like it. Greetings
  16. One reason might be that you added a ventil wich is not closed by a bullet. An other reason is that the way the air flows isn't meant to go threw the water but directly to your hose. A tippin hookah you can easylie add a diffusor so the water is not splashin that much. Are there no picture or do I just don't know where to find them? Greets
  17. Hi I'm searching since a while about how to make traditional flavouring like ägyptian old school nakhlas. I don't really know how it is in the states but here in germany we got tobaccos which had to be changed for bein allowed. They do a very good job at all but what I want is not what I get here. I came to the point that the flavourings I need might be oils. Sometimes single fragrance oils, sometimes aroma oils and sometimes essential oils. But no synthetic based flavouring oils like we have for e-cigarettes. Do you have any information about the flavours or do you know if that what I'm about to use right now is the wrong direction to go forward? One big question is of course how to make a tasty double apple tobacco and I am thinking about mixing vanilla, chocolate, apple and star anise in an mix like this 20g oil (every kind 5g) 75g tobacco (60virginia 15burley) 120g glycerin 30g honey First getting the oils in tje tobacco to get them stay there and after a view hours adding the molasses. The flavour is safe and can bite itself through to the honey. What do you think about this? Is it far away from the flavour nakhla did or does(don't know if they do by now in the states) For some reason I came to the point that the black fruits tobacco is in relation to a hibiscus scent because the sweets from haribo have that as s flavouring and it smells a bit like that. Anyone got information? Please help me! I'm truely a bit confused because we have no realy rich tobaccos, we only have.. strange things for me. Maybe you can help Kind regards Dominik
  18. Hi I'm dominik. I'm interested in smokin hookah since I was child. I come from Germany and now I would like to have a bit 'information changing' between you and me. I'm interested in tradition like tobacco, tradition like because I don't know much about traditional shisha at all. Just had the luck to get the ägyptian nakhla stuff in my childhood and now I mostly look for ways to do that by myself Nice to be with you! Dominik
  19. Hi That's a bit tricky to answer because how thick your smoke gets is in relation to your setup AND the wetness of your tobacco. If your about to make your own shisha it's very easy to get thick clouds if you leave it quite dry like 1:2 (tobacco:molasses) and having molasses with about twenty percent honey in(80glycerin) and than smoke it not too hot like with quick lightning coals. The wetter your tobacco gets the more heat you need, but thats not truely a right point of view. Another way with a quite dry tobacco is not to pack tooooo tight. Just a bit tobacco in normal bowl and your in with thick clouds in case of your molasses is out of glycerin in tje mainpart. Honey is more about taste.. but i'm writing now very much... maybe this was helpfull Dominik
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