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  1. Hello everybody, Let us introduce "Smookah". Soon it will happen and we will go live. - What is Smookah? Smookah is the latest and greatest app that helps you find the best hookah bars and cigar lounges in your city. - Why Smookah? We understand that there are times when you want to hang out with friends and have some great time enjoying a hookah, sharing a cigar or enjoying the best blend of coffee. When you are new in town, you often don’t want to try a strange place, this is where our app comes into play. - Does it costs? Our app is free. no subscription no fee - What can i expect? Discover the top rated shisha or cigar bar in your area. Collect Smookah points by redeeming a Smookah offer that is a one-time offer for ONLY Smookah users. Read or share your views and experiences with other enthusiasts. Give a five star rating and let us confirm. We understand that your taste is unique. The Filter section is designed to meet your needs and requirements. - What can I see? You can find the most detailed information like; Shishas, Tobaccos and Flavours, Map, Address, Web & Email, Opening Hours, Park, WiFi, Card / Cash Payment, Real Reviews, Age Restriction, Alcohol - Smookah Deals Smookah Deals are for Smookah users only. Collect Smookah Points while smoking cheaper and redeem it for another Smookah Deal. - Where can you use Smookah? We start in 15 cities in the first five months. They are: Zurich, Basel, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and New Delhi - How can I add my shishabar? DM us on Instagram @smookahapp or info@smookahapp.com We are a young team that is addicted to shishas. We are working on / developing something, we also would use. If you do not like something, let us know and we will make it better for you. Follow us on Instagram, we look forward to hearing from you! Smokah will soon be available on AppStore and GooglePlay. instagram.com/smoahahapp smookahapp.com Thank you!
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