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  1. Hi Guys, If this post isn't cool let me know and I'll delete it. This is kinda weird, but I'm doing a study on shisha/hookah usage in Canada and there's a real dearth of information out there. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few questions? Obviously no-one has any hard data, but if you could give me what your gut instinct tells you it would be really helpful. I'm happy to post some of my findings at the end of it if anyone is interested. What % of Shisha in Canada is consumed in lounges vs. at home? What % of shisha consumed in Canada is tobacco vs. herbal? (Tobacco shisha import data exists, but herbal imports aren't tracked, at this point I think around 5-10% is tobacco(?)) Some lounges I've spoken to say they pack about 35g of shisha per bowl, others say 17g at maximum. Do you think this a bowl size issue or are some lounges under filling bowls? And the big one: What % of shisha is purchased online vs. in physical stores? If you've got any insight into any of these please let me know! Cheers.
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