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  1. Thats gotta be the ugliest hookah ever. I would actually like the base if it wasn't for the "PIMP" and "$" on it.
  2. QUOTE (lazria @ May 29 2007, 05:19 AM) QUOTE (Interpol @ May 21 2007, 03:35 AM) Here's a cheaper and easier alternative. You will need: CR2032 3V watch batteries LEDs (some say 10mm are best but 5mm are just as good) duct tape, electrical tape, or other weather resistant tapes. flat disc magnets (optional) Instructions: Take one battery and one or two LEDs of your choice. Put anode (long) on to the positive side and the cathode (short) on the negative side. Get a seven inch piece of tape and wrap it arond the battery and LED contact as tightly as you can, the LED shoul
  3. I also agree on getting the Mya. You can go up to four hoses on some models. All you need to do is buy a little adapter and a hose for each one you want to add. I plan on getting a couple adapters soon because I keep finding myself in a position where one hose will do but two or three would be better.
  4. I usually use only one of the japanese coals at a time. I can't really comment on usage for a phunnel, but one usually always does the trick for me.
  5. Well, it IS a Mya, so its going to be good. The stem seems to the same as mine, except you have a marble sleeve instead of the metal one on mine. I'd bet its going to smoke just as well as any other Mya at about the same height. I say get it if you want a decorative one. Otherwise get a similarly sized Mya without the marble, it would cost much less.
  6. I did notice one more thing about the "pocket", it catches ash really well.
  7. QUOTE (Luke69 @ May 27 2007, 12:40 PM) Do you have a metal bowl? Cause that might be why it's always burning. Metal bowls are really hard to manage heat with. I would suggest a new bowl if it's metal. Nope, the standard mya bowl. I will be getting a phunnel as soon as I can.
  8. Alrighty heres the double foil with a ring. You'll need two squares of foil and a rectangle. The rectangle is used to make the ring. The bottom layer of foil needs plenty holes because of the extra space between. Fold the rectangle lengthwise starting at one side and fold it by a half inch each time. When you end up with a strip half an inch wide fold it once more so that it is a quarter inch wide. Make it into a ring barely larger than the area of holes on the bottom layer of foil (slip on end of it into the other end of the strip). Wrap the last square of foil over the bowl and poke
  9. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ May 27 2007, 01:18 AM) Well I can't comment on starbuzz. But I've never used more than a single layer of foil and life is good What type of coals are you using? And is it possible you are over-packing the bowl so that foil sits right onto the tobacco? Also ensure your foil is shiny side down. I found this helps a bit. But shisha is a bit like driving. You can be taught to drive, but you only master the skill once you are out on your own Good luck! JD I'm using those Japanese silver easy lights, usually one coal. I made sure the shiny s
  10. Last night at the beach house was the first time I've ever started my own hookah. I knew what I was supposed to do, thnks to you guys, but I just coulden't do it. The first bowl, Starbuzz Candy went all right, but I still burnt it at the beginning and didn't get much flavor. The next four bowls progressivly worse, partly because I was becoming progressivly inebriated. Tonight, I was invited over to a little shindig at one of my classmate's house and my buddy asked if I could bring the hookah. I decided to try something other than just normal foil and normal double foil co
  11. QUOTE (chrisrbts @ May 24 2007, 11:15 PM) QUOTE (Interpol @ May 25 2007, 12:31 AM) So, I got my first Hookah. Spent about $100 on the Mya Saray. I also got about 400g of shisha, most of which is StarBuzz, and some Japanese Easy Lights for about $50. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow night when I get to break it in at the beach house. Where did you get it? b/c $150 for all that is a sweet deal, i really like that mya saray hookah, but on mnhookah it is $150 by itself I got it from a local place in Oregon. They just opened a shop to add to the bars t
  12. So, I got my first Hookah. Spent about $100 on the Mya Saray. I also got about 400g of shisha, most of which is StarBuzz, and some Japanese Easy Lights for about $50. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow night when I get to break it in at the beach house.
  13. Alright, I think I will get a Mya Saray or a KM, depending on what they have at the store. Since they're 30% off I decided to go with the more expensive higher quality ones.
  14. Alright, I have just a tad over $120 dollars to spend. I really a hookah to call my own. What are good easy to use hookahs around $120, keeping in mind I have none of the other stuff to go with it. I was looking at the Mya Saray Bohemian 22" and a Junior 17". I really want a good hookah that will last me a while because I won't be getting another until I move out. Which one would you reccomend? The Mya Bohemian, Junior, or different medium single hose hookah?
  15. I understand what you're going through. My parents both used to be heavy smokers, my dad still smokes a good cigar maybe once a month. I haven't let my parents know about any of it. I usually go out with friends to a hookah bar or on occasion to my beach house with my little hookah. Sometimes we'll be at a park or a Starbucks to smoke, just expect to be hastled a bit by those who don't know what a hookah is. As for making parents understand, I can't help you without knowing them.
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