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  1. Ok i'm not sure how long my session was this time. I have to wait to charge my phone so that i can see but i had heavier smoke for a longer period. I first tried it with just 2 halves and i couldn't get it to go. So i added another half and that did the trick. And i also changed my foil hole pattern. I now do a bunch of holes around 30 more then i use to (just a bunch of random holes) And my last bowl was one of the best and i did some pretty good smoke rings.
  2. I've got a tip which is to not blow to hard into the bowl because the first time i tried this i must of blew to hard because my hookah never started hitting. I finally took the foil off and there was tons of shisha burned to the foil. What i do now is pack my bowl then blow through it and then place the foil over top that way i can make sure i didn't blow the shisha too much.
  3. I saw a picture somewhere on this forum of a guy doing a trick called the twisted tornado. It was pretty sweet.
  4. QUOTE (djbomberto1 @ May 22 2007, 06:46 PM) You might wanna describe your setup.......Like Regular bowl? QL's? Naturals? More info would help. Its not the hookah, its your heat/setup Ahh sorry it's just the regular bowl with king coal quick lights. However i'm not sure if they are 30 or 40 mm. I normally use 2 coals split into 4 halfs and put them around the outside of the bowl. And rotate over time and once they get smaller i move to the middle and once those are pretty close to be gone i add another half and then it just dies pretty fast after the first coals. I'm
  5. I placed a order for a medium mya acrylic hookah on saturday afternoon. It was shipped out on tuesday and i recieved the package on thursday. I opened it up and assembled the hookah and it looked pretty small to me and my friend. So i measured it and it's the size of the small mya hookah. I contacted them because i thought maybe they had given me the stem for the shorter mya but they said it was the correct one. So I'm stuck with the smaller one when i could have got the taller one elsewhere. So watch out for them cause apparently their sizing is all off and misleading. I pretty much h
  6. Well i haven't tried any smiley's and i've been wanting to and i'm not going to let a price increase stop me lol.
  7. I also had a problem with them. I ordered a medium mya acrylic.However the one i got is the small mya. It's the one that's about 22 or 23 inches. And on mya saray's site the medium is 27 inches. And i also asked several people about the medium hookah on MN and they all said it should be about 27inches. I'm not blaming it on the people who told me, but simply pointing out that it seems that other people are also under the same impression as me, which is that a medium mya is supposed to be 27 inches. I mean they even have hookah's under the small category that are 22 inches.
  8. I'm just wondering how long of a sessions everyone can get out of a mya acrylic? I posted something about longer sessions the other day but i want some tips on how to get a longer smoke with a mya. Mine starts off great and the smoke is nice and thick but once it's hit the 30 minute mark it starts to drop off and then i can put another coal on it and maybe get another 15 minutes of decent smoke out of it and then it's pretty much done. I know you can buy bigger bowls and stuff but i'm looking for solutions without spending more money for now. Also what should the shisha look li
  9. Last night was the first time me and my friends have used my hookah. The hookah hit really hard and was nice and thicker then the one's at hookah bars. Only problem is the sessions don't seem to last very long. I did a session by myself last night and it only lasted about 30 minutes. I took the foil off and there was a little bit of shisha left in one corner but that was it. I didn't really pack the shisha in the bowl i just filled it up, maybe i should pack it slightly to get a longer session?
  10. QUOTE (ggb @ May 19 2007, 03:00 PM) QUOTE (blaze309 @ May 19 2007, 04:39 PM) I've been to 3-4 diffrent tobacco shops and 2 cigar shops and none of them have coals or shisha. Is there anywhere else i can look. Depends on where in TN you are... In the way back days, Elliston Place Tobacco in Nashvegas used to carry hookahs, I have no idea if they still do (I stopped going there when they stopped mixing my pipe tobacco of choice. Alas). Otherwise, I seem to recall a mediterranean/greek restaurant on 21st (also nashville) that had hookahs, you might check there. Awesome
  11. I've been to 3-4 diffrent tobacco shops and 2 cigar shops and none of them have coals or shisha. Is there anywhere else i can look.
  12. I live in tennessee. I just figured i may be able to find the same places around here as in other states if it's some kind of chain store.
  13. I'm trying to get a list of places that selll hookah's, coals,shisha in other people's local area. This way i have a idea on where to look. I especially want to find a place that sells shisha and coals that way i don't have to order online all the time. Thanks blaze
  14. QUOTE (L @ May 18 2007, 01:36 PM) Also waiting on an email. However, I think the site is a bit misleading. If you look at the mya website and the mnhookah picture, the one on mnhookah has the same looking stem as the small mya. Although thats rather convenient for me as I was hoping they'd carry the smaller model. If only they'd fix the shipping calculator thing or respond to my email! I also noticed that, but their description of it says "This Hookah comes with the chrome stem(varies from pictured). Also I was told from several people in hookah chat that the medium
  15. I have a little problem with my order and e-mailed them the other day and still haven't heard back from them. Does anyone else have trouble getting a response from them through e-mail? I ordered a medium Mya acrylic from mnhookah and it came in the other day and i seemed to have gotten the smaller one it's only like 22 in and i was under the impression that the medium's are supposed to be 27 inches like listed on the mya saray site.
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