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  1. Have pictures of the fumos you are selling?

  2. the hookah in the second post is sold. iam selling off the rest for 60 a piece local pickup on long island (franklin square, new york)
  3. would like local pickup being that these are glass and wouldn't want to risk any damage during shipping. iam located on long island in nassau county (new york) up for sale: fumo orb: $150 fumo f4: $200 fumo jar $200 fumo pod 10" - $200 all hookahs were used for short periods of time and are in fantastic but used(obviously) condition.
  4. i would like to sell some of my KM collection being that i purchased them and they have been sitting in the closet collecting dust. Most have never been used. I always use my smaller hookah as its much easier for me to clean. I would like to start the sale locally because i don't really have much time to get to UPS and ship out these hookahs one by one. I live in Nassau County New York (Long Island). If These don't sell i will end up shipping but i will have to increase the prices by a bit for shipping costs. 100 dollars each, will not go any lower. I will include a cleaning brush as well wi
  5. alright thank you, thats what i figured they were suppose to sit on the inside, but once i saw his video it confused me.
  6. quick question on the kaloud lotus.  are the bottom slit holes suppose to be inside or outside the bowl?  i was under the impression they were suppose to sit inside but i saw some youtube video where he claimed otherwise.  even my small tangiers funnel doesnt allow for the slits to sit outside the bowl.
  7. thanks guys, yeah the discount codes would be helpful iam gonna place an order in the next few days. thanks again
  8. hey guys been a long while, where are you guys buying your tangiers from now a days? the few sites i use to use seem to have most of the popular flavors sold out.
  9. selling my lavoo hookah, I like the hookah alot but i hardly use it (used twice).  My loss is your gain i guess.   retails for 280 on lavoo website, asking 170.    
  10. I just ordered a fumo tank I will post a video once it arrives as well
  11. i have to say its pretty amazing iam actually surprised!! It looks great and smokes fantastic!! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ30OUfLee4[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fKs4DUsfcc[/media]
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