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  1. Al Waha Jasmine was the only flavor that I've actually thrown out and not been able to smoke. It was just...absolutely disgusting. I've had a few bad ones, but man, that one stands out in my mind.
  2. Cash in hand for the Kasmir Peach and Red Tea if you want to sell those separate. Shoot me a PM w/ final price shipped.
  3. Thanks for letting me know, just picked one up
  4. I read the post, but just in case some people don't pay, I'm ready with cash in hand when it all happens Turbulent Indigo shipped to 04915
  5. I love fantasia pumpkin spice, has an excellent flavor that I've found also lasts quite long. I haven't tried starbuzz, but I don't see how you could get too much better than fantasia's twist on it.
  6. The thing that really got me was when I got some of the ketchup AF grape...they sent me 5x50g of AF watermelon to make up for it. I mean really...you can't beat that customer service.
  7. I just want to give a general thanks to World Hookah/DPG. I've been consistently amazed by their excellent service, prices and selection. I just got in my order, and one flavor was out of stock so they gave me two other ones. Its just that kind of stuff, along with the free samples, priority shipping and help on the phone that really makes them stand out for me. If you haven't, I would definitely at least give them a call and chat for a few about the happenings there. I mean really, if they're willing to send out free flavors, at least put in an order to show your thanks -- mod
  8. I'd love to see starfruit, that would be amazing. I did a mix one time that tasted like starfruit, too bad I can't remember what I put it in.
  9. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Mar 27 2008, 04:32 AM) Basically - one's man's meat is another man's poison. I don't know about you, but I'm not really into the man meat myself...so any man meat would be poison to me
  10. Every time I come on here, it makes me want to smoke. Which, during the week, its awful as I don't bring my hookah to school. Pretty much every night I just want to chill and puff on my hookah after studying all damn day. I think I need to get like a QT or something
  11. What exactly is this for, what kind of business? I'm sure I could come up with a nice one for you
  12. I got a funnel bowl specifically for the purpose of smoking this wild mango. Smells amazing. Well, that and I had to order some tangiers to try it out.
  13. I have an ACI F4 Illustrator graffiti series with the zero-gravity barrel, and some other accessories and such. I wouldn't own a tippman
  14. oo what kind of paintbull stuff? I have paintball stuff I might be interested in some of the shisha. Or the whole thing depending on what you want for paintball stuff
  15. Sounds like the general consensus is no then I just drank some peppermint tea, that helped. I think I'll be brewing up some more of that. I just can't wait for this damn sickness to be gone...I always get impatient when I'm sick.
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