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  1. For me its gizmos and gadgets no competition. Class game.
  2. Would you say that you would buy it again if it was at the old price of 9$ for 150 grams? What is the max price you would pay for the new recipe?
  3. If your tobacco is burning into dust then you most probably are doing something wrong.
  4. Yeah, just talk on the live chat. They do specia requests and stuff there. They really are great.
  5. I'd guess that its something that tastes like a skunk. Or roadkill. I dunno why he'd want one of those though.
  6. Sorry the bump but there are loads of shisha places in Camden. There were shishas everywhere when I went yesterday.
  7. I'm just guessing here but the diffuser probably works by breaking the smoke up into many smaller bubbles, therefore increasing the surface area. If the water is cold that means it has more smoke to cool. The same with all te other things also, like nicotine reduction.
  8. If she has never smoked anyhting before then you should probably start of with something that has a fairly weak flavour and not much buzz. Also think what she likes. If she doesn't like coconut then dont give her a coconut flavour.
  9. On your latest order, what "reputable" company did you order from?
  10. I can't that because site doesnt stock them. And if I order from two sites seperately then the shipping will be really big. Any ideas on a shisha pipe from another site that has the phunnel?
  11. OK, well here is my pretty much final order: QTY 1 SKU Alajdad-1pack PRODUCT Al Ajdad Coals PRICE $9.95 $9.95 QTY 1 SKU Glyph-Double PRODUCT Glyph (2 hose) Hookah Glyph (2 hose) Base/Shaft Color...: silver shaft/g Choose Romman Flavor #1...: Premium Peach Choose Romman Flavor #2...: Premium Raspberry PRICE $114.95 $114.95 PRODUCT SUBTOTAL: $114.95 QTY 1 SKU
  12. No one fret for I am ok. I checked the packet of the coals today and it said that they were 100% wood or somehting like that. Is it still bad?
  13. I have recently run out of my usual shisha coals and I decided to try using BBQ coals on my shisha. Are there any bad things about doing this, it seemed to workk ok. Thanks.
  14. How do you plan on getting peanut butter juice?
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