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  1. The major vendor I order from never has Nakhla Mizo Peach in, been trying to taste that for years now lol. Is Kashmir Peach a decent replacement? Not a fan of anise, so no double apple for me. Also the clouds are a big part of the enjoyment for me, so no OG Orange. Right now, I'm looking at getting Static Starlight, Kashmir Peach, AF Special Rich Creme, AF and Nakhla Melon (and Sweet Melon respectively) and I want to try one more... but not sure what. Thoughts?
  2. Trying to find a new staple for my stash and having a hard time. So I come to you for recommendations! I tend to mostly smoke Al Fakher and Tangiers, and recently mostly only Al Fakher. Flavors I like include Melon, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade (Fantasia), Vanilla. Flavors I've had that I wasn't a huge fan of were cinnamon and most of the "ice" flavors. They're ok but not great. I want a GREAT flavor. Wow me. What do I absolutely NEED to smoke? What do you keep around at all times and why? Help me you guys!
  3. The melon is wonderful. It's very mellow, not too sweet,very smooth. Never ever imagined I'd like Melon but it's become my favorite.
  4. If I had to choose today, right now, I'd go with AF Melon. (Am I seriously the only non-premium member, non-moderator, non-admin in this thread?)
  5. I think we just got off on the wrong foot.  My first response rubbed you the wrong way and your retort rubbed me wrong.  I can accept that.    Sorry for my part.  No hard feelings.   Again though, I think you should start collating your data and editting it into the first post so that people like me, who don't have the capacity to sift through 12 pages of text, can still see the pertinent information (which is all I was ever asking about anyway).  If you want your information to reach the most people here, that is the way to do it.   Cheers.
  6. I never said the thread was useless.  You're projecting.  Please stop.  Breathe.  Relax.  Again you're trying to get rid of me for stating my opinion.   Something you just said in chat kind of reinforces what I've been thinking all along:   "(The Kaloud Lotus) makes coals laster ie lowers the amount of oxygen the coals get, there is no need to test, I guarentee it raises CO levels"   This right here is why I take everything you say with a grain of salt.  It's no offense, but if you're going to do tests and such, due diligence, man.  What's the point of testing if it's not comprehensive/accurate?   Science hasn't progressed as far as it has through false guarantees and guesswork.     Anyway, I'll leave your thread now since it's clear opinions that differ with yours aren't welcome.
  7. Wow, so you're angry that I don't know anything about CO.  Get mad at people often for not 'interpreting' you properly?  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that you're angry because you think I don't know anything about CO based on my comments.  It's not that I don't know, it's that I don't care.  There is inherent risk in smoking hookah (or anything for that matter).  This is generally understood as a given.    It's annoying that people don't just accept everything you say on the internet, huh?  It's also annoying to have someone come in here acting like the savior of the hookah community because he's run a few amateur tests with a secondhand smoke analyzer in an uncontrolled environment and expects to be heralded as the Patron Saint of Smoke.    Dude.   I have a right to voice my opinion.  I also have the right to blatantly dismiss all of your hard work as baseless if I want to.  That is my prerogative.  You can insult me all you'd like and be annoyed all you like and yell and stomp and tell me to gtfo, but I have every right to be here as you do.  It might be that people 'keep pulling the whole "I feel fine"' because there is something TO it.   Tell you what, you keep playing with your smoke analyzer and I'll keep dying of CO poisoning.  In the future, I'd appreciate it if you didn't lash out at me for giving my own voice in a public discussion.  I'm done.   Cheers.   *hugs*  :)
  8. Sorry you feel my opinion is 'lame.'  I'm not sure why you're being defensive.    Thanks for the 'suggestion,' though.  :)   Relax.
  9. Is there a TL;DR version of this thread?  Maybe edit the first post?    In any event, after reading the first 3 pages of "oh my god hookah is going to kill us all," my thoughts are these:   I can smoke Tangiers for 2 hours straight and feel 'fine.'  I cannot smoke what is, according to this thread, the equivalent 2-3 packs of cigarettes (even over the course of several days, let alone 2 hours) and still feel fine; I would feel terrible.  Even one cigarette makes me feel terrible.   I'll defer to my body on this one. 
  10. I'm the 'If I'm going to buy something it's going to be the best' kind of person.  I'd rather spend a little more and get quality and know I've got the best I can get.
  11. Oh, and here's a pic of my hookah for S&G's.    
  12. So I came across these and knew I had to have them.  I've been so stoked about these containers I thought others might be interested too, so here I am to share with you all my discovery.   Here are the features:   -Airtight -Easy to open -Perfect size -Stackable -Good quality -Hard plastic, sturdy feel -BPA free -Stylish     Here are some pics!  As you can see, they fit 250g of shisha easily (those are Nahkla 250's in there; still in the bag as I just received them, but the plan is to have the loose shisha in there.  The fit of the shisha inside is comfortable, a good half inch of clearance to the lid.  To open and close them, you just depress the large button on top and it seals the whole thing up.   I also included some other things in the shot to give a size comparison.        These beauties are only $9.99 on amazon right now, too!  I bought 4 of 'em.  You want the 0.5 qt ones.  And no, I'm not making any money off of this link, this is just a friendly heads up to the community!  :)      
  13. insidius


  14. lol guess mine isn't even up for debate. Too bad I hate all the others. : /
  15. I honestly just like Hookah Forum. It lends an air of officiality.
  16. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1352526969' post='560598'] Can we get a close-up of the paint job on the shaft and hose handle? So sexy. [/quote] Sure thing. It's standard Mya Cloisonne.
  17. So here's the Hookah I finally got. The entire order was: Green Mya Obelisk w/ green Pico bowl Green Grand Caravan Hose and green velvet hose cover a beautiful quad metal wind cover Orange Soda Tangiers Strawberry Kiwi Tangiers Mimon Tangiers Tropical Punch Tangiers Coco Nara coals 108 box [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/photogasm/Obelisk1.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/photogasm/Obelisk2.jpg[/img] After figuring out the water level and proper number and size of coals for the Pico (thanks guys!), it smokes great; huge clouds, huge buzz with the Tangiers, great flavor.
  18. Got my Pico to smoke well using Coconara flats cut in half, then I use 3 halves on the bowl triangulated.
  19. Fantasia Pink Lemonade is FANTASTIC. It tastes exactly like taking a drink of Pink Lemonade. Highly recommended.
  20. Just wanted to mention that I tried the Coconara halves tonight, used 3 half coals on some Tangiers Orange Soda and it smoked nearly perfectly. GREAT clouds and decent flavour. Thanks! Will be using halves from now on, for sure!
  21. I'm using 2 Coconaras. I've tried the methods in your sig and several other methods. At first I used the coals full on, then I tried half off the bowl, then I tried stonehenging them, which worked best for the flavor, but the clouds were basically nonexistent. I guess I'll try cocos in half next. Should I go with 2 or 3 halves?
  22. Sounds like I either need to get a mini or get some Japanese coals (or CH ones). I've literally tried everything else. Either the flavour sucks or the clouds suck. I want both!
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