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  1. Lots of them. I would suggest going to your local Persian restaurant and ask them. These guys get the best hookahs anyways. Just don't get involved in a math related conversation or you'll be stuck for hours.
  2. Well I've heard of lots of people 3d printing things but has anyone tried 3d printing a hookah? This pipe looks quite interesting but I'm not sure if smoking anything through 'plastic' is a good idea. https://pinshape.com/items/27235-3d-printed-skull-pipe
  3. I wanted to share something with the peeps here. I and few of my friends have found that if you are trying to quit cigarettes, its a great idea to replace it with hookah smoking for a while. Has anyone tried this? It's wonderful for that 'smoke' sensation and the hand motion that comes from cigarettes as well. Anyone in the same boat?
  4. Greetings from Vancouver Bud! I've been on an off hookah smoker but these days, especially during the slightly colder times, I definitely enjoy chilling at home, eating a nice meal and then digesting it all with a nice little apple hookah session.
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