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  1. This is a Beautiful Elmas Handmade Brass Hookah, in very nice condition. These hookahs are revered as the best hookahs in the world; they are handcrafted by the Elmas Bros in Turkey. It stands at 30in tall with a hand painted Turkish vase, the hose is hand sewn from goatskin and made of dogwood. Every part of this hookah is extremely high quality, you won't find a finer hookah anywhere in the world. Comes with Brass Wind Cover and Tongs. Clay bowl not included The hookah is for sale on ebay for $156. If your interested please check out the listing. I'm happy to answer any questions. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322282158688
  2. Start by checking with the big brands and asking for wholesale pricing lists. You may need an EIN number for them to provide you with them. Check local laws in your area and state regarding the setup of a hookah business and regulations.
  3. Greece is cool, have you ever been to Turkey? Welcome!
  4. welcome man, hope the forum can help you out!
  5. A second on Coco Nara. Coconut coals are long lasting, consistent in heat and don't smell.
  6. I agree it could be your coals. Try another brand, coconut coals are my personal favorite. Could be you're also using too many coals. Try experimenting with how many coals you leave on top of the bowl at any given time. A few to get started, then take one or two off as the smoke gets going, then add them back towards the end of your session.
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