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  1. hey man, sorry i didn't get back, but like i said in the first post, best way to contact me is by email larionidp@gmail.com get back to me there and we can set something up.
  2. someone please take this...70 bucks shipped, just get it outta here.
  3. [quote name='plaib0i' date='14 May 2010 - 07:04 AM' timestamp='1273842294' post='468063'] Shipping cost to Ontario, L6A 0V9? [/quote] you're looking at around 30 bucks to ship it to canada
  4. someone has to want this...i'm open to offers people
  5. here ya go, better shot of the stem too. the ring that's around the base is gone, i finally was able to clean it up
  6. hey guys...havent been on here in a minute. ive completely stopped smoking hookah, and havent for like a year, so it's time to part with the best smoking hookah i've ever used... anyways, the hookah is a km stem going in to a mya saray base, i think its a bohemian crystal base. whatever it is, its beautiful, thick, and heavy. i only used it a couple times since i bought it, and whoever had it before me barely used it too, so its basically brand new, just a couple years old haha. comes with a regular egyptian bowl, a mya saray wide hose in blue, and all grommets. there's a pi
  7. cmon boyos, i know some of you want this hookah...send me offers...i need money =(
  8. the tower bowl is gone, the rainbow hose is still available. let me know.
  9. i'll sell you my km hybrid. check the classified...you'll like it a lot i can guarentee, it's a fantastic pipe.
  10. all prices are negotiable btw, send me an offer...
  11. 13 shipped sound good? if so send paypal to larionidp@vcu.edu and i'll get them shipped out tomorrow.
  12. so everything but the funnel is still up for grabs. let me know if any of you want anything
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