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  1. Your need, aka money for healthcare, does NOT obligate me to pay for it. (unless I caused it by hitting you in the face with a bat, in which case you probably deserved it, asshole)
  2. QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Jun 21 2008, 10:10 PM) http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...ml?hpid=topnews This article outlines both fiscal policies. Thus far, McCain's policy would increase the deficit more at 4.3 trillion dollars by 2018. Obama's would increase the deficit to 3.3 trillion by 2018. This is from a conservative leaning newspaper. I cant imagine many conservatives would argue with their own newspapers. Just a quick edit: Obama cant really say he would increase smoking bans right now. He already stated that he would be open to legalizing certain green substances (recreational NHT). Just the money coming in from the taxation and legalization would completely eliminate the deficit. I certainly hope he comes through on that. The savings from ending the drug war enforcement on green NHT would save several hundred million dollars for other law enforcement and counter terrorism efforts. I really dont like it when people complain about the money we spend on the war on drugs and I dont like it when people say that we would save money by ending the war on drugs (yes I know we would, hang on) it implies that we should stop the war on drugs just because we are spending money on it. Its like saying lots of people do XYZ illegal thing, so lets make XYZ legal, that way people wont do as many illegal things. Secondly I'm planning on voting Mcain for a couple of reasons my chief reason is that I am VERY against the idea of any sort of nationalized healthcare. If the government wants to provide a low-cost insurance thats fine, but I do NOT want to pay for other peoples healthcare. We live in a capitalist society not a communist society, as was previously stated communism does not work on a large scale and/or nationwide scale. Also I consider myself a Republican and for the most part agree with the Republican point of view.
  3. So yeah glass base should be fine to run through the wash but what about the aluminum stem, anyone see any problems with running that through the washing machine?
  4. So I have some shisha I never got around to smoking for various reasons, at least a year old...is it still worth trying to smoke?
  5. Hah on tonights episode.....Judge Mentok gets taken into custody, he is smoking a hookah when the come to take him, which gets knocked to the floor and broken
  6. This sounds like Im being sarcastic but Im not this is actually what I would do. Smile very nicely and say in an equally nice manner "Hey! Buddy! F*** YOU!"
  7. make sure your using coldish water and chilling the base/stem is a good idea to. Sometimes when I take the time to make sure everything is nice and cold it condenses the smoke which usually = more flavor
  8. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 4 2008, 12:40 PM) Use one ql, broken into quarters, placed around the bowl. Ther isn't a tobacco alive that can do anything but burn with 2 whole ql's hotspotting through it. Actually I use two whole quicklites when using Romman Shisha, works great, anything else and theres usually not enough heat.
  9. where are you planning on opening your place up?
  10. looks pretty cool but I dont know about how old it is....I would feel kinda weord about buying it from someone I dont know
  11. Thanks guys Im going to try it out tonight, and I should be able to collect some hookah cherries . So Ill let you know how it all goes
  12. Hye guys finally going to be able to smoke this new pack of Al Amir Blackberry I purchased about a week ago, just wondering for those that have smoked it before, how many and what type of coals do you use? I normally use two golden coals (quicklites sold by hookah-shisha.com) for the romman I normally smoke so any tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  13. I'd love to go visit/bug/annoy/hang with mushy but Im about 3 hours away from chapel hill, which is where his shop is, and being a college student I either need lotsa beer or more money before I make such a trip
  14. Yo for those people in charlotte, there is a place on independance blvd, called Kabobs Hookah Lounge, semi-decent place. Is run by a guy named Nader and/or Mike. Ends up being like $13 for a hookah, w/shisha, and a pot of hot tea. Anyways lets do this
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