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  1. In my opinion Nakhla Double Apple is one father of them all. However, if you want to get the best Double Apple, you have to mix a few brands up to get the best results. Mix Nakhla with Al Fakher double apple. Nakhla has a great taste and the tobacco is very versatile, Al Fakher has a good taste and is juicy, so it will make the smoke nice and thick. Mix the two together an leave them in a jar together for about 48 hours before smoking.
  2. I'm also here in So Cal, close to the Valley area. I would like to start a local group of Hookah Smokers who are all members of the Hookah Forum. PM me if interested...
  3. I'm Very sorry to see and hear that. I wish them the best
  4. I can imagine this working well if you are smoking either cappuccino or Coffee Or chocolate Flavor. It would probably not be bad if you are smoking mint shisha.
  5. Hey guys, I was a very big fan of Michael Jordan when he was in the Bulls. I remember waking up every saturday morning to watch the games on NBC. Watching basketball games has not been the same since he left the game. Anyone else watch NBA?
  6. I think nothing is better than listening to Bob Marley while smoking Hookah. That music is amazing and it makes the experience 10 times better.
  7. I was just wondering, what makes a hookah a good hookah? Is it the amount of smoke you get out of it, is the how nice it is, is it SIZE? For me, if the hookah smokes crazy, but its small, no can do. There is something about a small hookah that just kills it for me and the smallest size that I would enjoy smoking out of is a Mya QT. So here is the question, What really makes a hookah a GOOD Hookah?
  8. You said it man, I would pay more and go through hell if it was not bad for you. This is what I don't get, why is Brocli good for you, and hookah bad for you? QUOTE (Glottis2 @ Aug 7 2007, 08:51 PM) Echoing the "wasn't bad for you" statement. That includes toxins from coals. Hell, I would be willing to have it ten times as hard to clean and twice as expensive if I knew it wasn't bad for me.
  9. Hey all, Just wondering, If you could change one thing about hookahs, or hookah smoking or anything that has to do with hookahs, what would you change. Speak up, the world is listening to you.
  10. Take some of the juice from the bottom of the tobacco with your finger and put it on the tobacco in the bowl. This make it more juicy and better smoke
  11. Hey Mushrat, Post a link for this hookah if you have it so we can see what it looks like. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jun 19 2007, 04:28 PM) Has anyone else seen the new QT designs? Any opinions on them?
  12. Welcome brother. If you want good hookah, come down to Cali, San Diego and Santa Barbara are the best places. Plus you'll enjoy the sun and the ladies while you're here QUOTE (HookahGuyNYC @ Jun 19 2007, 04:20 PM) Hey everyone. New to the forum and wanted to say hello. Been smoking hookah for about a year and recently receieved my MYA Vortex over the weekend. It was a very good smoke however the flavor that I got it with wasnt that good (romman fruitpunch cocktail). Ive been reading everyones different opinion and flavors and was wondering what is a very good fruit punch flavor, or berry flavor. Have tried a few different flavors but havent found that favorite flavor that tops the list. If anyone has any opinion I would really appreciate it, and also if anyone has any good reccomondations for any good websites as to where to order the shisha. P.S. I am from NYC and recently went to a hookah bar called KUSH lounge. Anyone ever go there before? Basically they use MYA vortexes, which is a plus, but they charge $30 a bowl, and $10 to change the small coal when it runs out, so you cant even finish the one bowl that you ordered unless you pay 10 bucks to change the coal. Anyway, Ive been to a few different hookah bars and have never paid so much before to smoke and after that experinece I decided to order my own vortex, which was a plus out of the experience.
  13. Hey all, I was just wondering what plans everybody has for 4th of July. I will probably be BBQing with some friends, smoking some nice Hookah with some nice AF Grape.
  14. There is something extremely sexy about women when they are smoking Hookah, use your imagination. Often, I've seen them use that to their advantage. If you ever see a girl who knows how to smoke hookah good, go after her, take my advice
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