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  1. Yes! I much prefer being home where I am able to both drink/do what I want while I smoke. Plus, having control over the bowl pack/heat/coal brand is very important to me, now. I went to a lounge while I was working at a summer camp, and they had some kind of cheap instant light coal (I will only use Three Kings instant light), and the whole thing tasted like chemicals. I brought my own coals the next day, lol. There are also no cats at lounges (well, there was at the one I started at). Not that I should be snuggling with my cat while I'm smoking, but...
  2. Hi! New to the forum, not to hookah. I used to do the forum thing a lot with a few bands about a decade ago, but I'm terribly out of practice. I figured that I smoke hookah often enough that I should probably try and integrate with the community instead of lurking about in my living room with my cat. I've been a hookah smoker for about nine years, and with my own hookahs etc... For about the last four. I got started at a unique little hookah bar/music venue in Illinois that has since closed, not due to service but due to the landlord selling the property, and now eschew hookah lounges because I'm picky and because that shit is expensive. I am a teacher (don't smoke, kids!), a classically trained singer, and an enormous nerd. Talk to me about Tolkien, Harry Potter, Hawkeye or Star Trek and we will be internet best friends. I spend most of my life reading, smoking hookah, drinking wine or whiskey, and kicking my cat off of my lap because smoke is bad for him. Good to be here!
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