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  1. I have been smoking hookah for a while. Does anybody think about cancer and heart disease. I mean we inhale much deeper and longer than cigarette smokers. Has this ever been discussed?
  2. Well Bawhee and Chreees. It's a non issue now. I just finished an incredible tangiers session. I received my Kloud Lotus. It is the shit. It eliminates the need for foil, and simplifies heat management. Works fantastic.
  3. Need some advice. Bowl #3 Tangiers. Can't smoke it. I was wondering about hole size in the foil. Toothpick? Push Pin? Bigger, smaller. I know I'm doing everything else right.
  4. You know what, that makes sense. I guess I do hit almost immediately. I was worried that sitting there was going to burn the shisha, but what I do is bring the heat in too soon. I was worried I would have to give up Tangiers. It's so good. Thanks for the tip. I may have under packed, but it seems like a put a s-load of shisha in there.
  5. Here was my last post on Tangiers. Thought I did great. Well since then I have had to dump two bowls of Tangiers. I did everything the same. Packing, hole pattern and size, heat management. On these last two bowls, right from the first draw. I coughed my head off. I thought my coughing days were over.I started with three coals, coughed, then two coals, coughed. then one coal. Same on both bowls. I don't understand how I can go from a great Tangiers session, to two terrible ones? en one
  6. OK Here is the deal. I gave tyhe same Tangierrs bowl I started this morning another go. Clouds are great flavor is great, no coughing. Im sure its my heat management skills getting a little better.
  7. Thats the thing. I put away the Tangiers bowl, and fired up some AF. Fabulous session, no coughing. I have two harmony funnels and one vortex. I have no doubt that some how I burned the piss out of the Tangiers. My Km hookah, I put my thumb over the stem hole. Solid no leaks. Put the bowl on and covered with my hand, no leaks. I have done many activities and hobbies in my life, but this is the most frustrating of all.
  8. This is what is strange. I gave up on my KM, switched to my little Mya. Smoke is 10 times thicker. Got my A/C on 76 degrees. I'm sure I'll get a handle on it. It's a shame that my $39.95 MYA smokes better that my expensive KM. Still coughing my Effing head off. I have tried moving coals around, taking one off, using my wind cover. It may be that this batch is shot. I may have burned it. Using Titanium coals. I am thinking about ordering a Kaloud Lotus. One of the guys I watch a lot is Banned Vendor. He swears by it, so do a lot of youtube how to guys. It suppose to eliminate coal heat management. You just open or close the lid to control heat. I think this bowl of Tangiers is shot. I can't smoke it at all. Damn!
  9. Man I'm not sure what I did wrong. I packed my Tangiers by the numbers. Followed the example of hole punching, but Coughing my head off. I guess It needs more work.
  10. Ok. Partial credit. That wrapper is long gone. I found my order online. I think you are right. They are number coded. Mine is 39 which is Noir.
  11. Well like I said, for a rookie it wasn't bad. A little coughing here and there, but for the most part I enjoyed, thanks to the work you put into that information. Until I read it, I havd no idea Tangiers was so complicated. But it's that complication that presents itself as a challenge for me. My next batch should be delivered any day now. Question..I know there is Noir, Lucid, F-line, Birquq, and Burley. How do I know which one I have. I checked the wrapper and it just says strawberry. Can't remember which type I ordered.
  12. Well in Florida considering it's November, it's high 80's. Very warm for this time in Florida. My house A/C is set at about 76. I do have my tanghiers in a shallow tupperware tub. Stir stir and stir some more. I read "My guide to Tangiers Success". Nice work. Appreciate the effort. After having Tangiers, it may be hard to go back to anything else. Even though I'm a rookie, I did get some good smoke from it. WOW! you can easily get three rounds of coals with tangiers. After two rounds, I was ready to clean out my bowl. But I thought, let me try an experiment. I fired up two coals, and used my wind cover. I got at least another 30 minutes of good smoking.
  13. Let me ask you Chreees. I have Strawberry Tangiers, and I do not taste even a hint of strawberry. It seems to have a molasses taste, but no strawberry. Maybe I didn't acclimate it long enough? I left the tub open about 4 hours, and stired as much as possible.
  14. Well to be honest, I don't care much for that mint/menthol chill. That is why I didn't order Tangiers Cane Mint. I hear it's very popular.
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