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  1. Sooo I guess the temp of the water you put in your base is irrelevant,right ??
  2. but do you get decent amount of clouds with room temp water ??
  3. I can't tell if glass hookah's are functional or not from my experience cuz I never had one and I ain't planning on to buy one soon,but they definitely look cool lol
  4. I smoke AF flavors all the time,so my favourite ones are: AF mint,AF watermelon,AF strawberry,AF lemon,AF orange,and what I do with those flavors is mix them all the time to make different taste...My favourite Al fakher mixes R: Watermelon-Mint mix Lemon-Mint mix Orange-Mint mix Lemon-Grape mix Watermelon-Orange mix Energy Drink-Mint mix ....As U can see,mint mixes with pretty much every other flavor and still makes a killer combination And believe me when I tell you,i tried every single Al Fakher mix out there that you possibly can try ... hahaha
  5. I vape more,just because it takes time & patience to prepare,clean and maintain a hookah,and that's the only reason why...Besides that,I like to smoke hookah more than my vape pen soo...
  6. What does ice in hookah base do to hookah and is smoke session better with or without a couple of ice cubes ?
  7. What is the best shisha tobacco that you ever smoked,what brand was it and what flavour ?
  8. If you think that your lounge is in the right place ( i mean popular,well known place in FL ),and if U feel like you can make it,than just go for it !
  9. Umm,the smell from hookah as itself is really pleasant smell and there is nothing to worry about,though,my mom doesn't like me to smoke hookah often so one of the ways i remove the smell from the room is simply by opening a window for 10-15 mins and the smell is gone...
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