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  1. How do you guys remove the smell of hookah from the room? I tried candles, scents, room freshners, but it still exists. My sister is moving in to my place for couple of months with my niece and I don't want them to be uncomfortable in here. I've been living in the apartment for over 3 years and since then this is like a hookah hub, my friends come in all the time and we smoke. But we do use the flavored leaves and spices and it shouldn't have smelled bad, but it smells really bad. I'm anyways calling in for a one-time cleaning maid service to clean the apartment, one day before they arrives, will they'll have any solution or do I have to find my own?? I've never used such services, so I'm very much unaware about their services. Is this requirement will come under special care? Any ideas on these?
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