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  1. Figured I'll just hop on this pre-made post with a "Me also" So, yeah, I also just unpacked my Mya Pyramid after a few years in storage. I still have my Stargate, Exotica, and a bag of Red Kastle Al Hambra Olive wood. Picked up a Starbuzz Chocolate Mint last night when I made a stop-over in Philly. .....Still wish I could get me some Smiley's Wedding Cake though.. (Old timers will get, understand, and groan at the hilarity that ensued with that debacle back in the day) Shifty
  2. Love Shisha Root Beer Float Setup: Mya Pyramid, Med Phunnel with Mod, Razan Hose Packaging: Baggie in a tube. Much better than the first bag that I got which exploded. Smell: Root Beer Taste: I was pleasantly surprised that this tastes just like is smells, Root Beer. Buzz: Very Mild. Smoke: Decently sized clouds Duration: 115 Minutes Comments: The shisha is very wet so it takes a little bit extra coal to start. Three pieces of coconara after about 10 minutes I settled into a good flavor Rating: 9/10 - I don't really care about no buzz, I'm more of a flavor guy, it lasted a p
  3. Coconara - 2 on a regular bowl, 3 on a phunnel Stargate finger - 1 chunk on a regular bowl, 2 on the phunnel
  4. Only from my observations Ceramic doesn't tend to ghost flavors as much and gets pretty hot. Clay heats up more evenly and doesn't require a bunch of management with the coals, also they tend to be a little more fragile the longer they are used I feel... If you can find a glazed clay bowl, I would say thats a good one to keep. I could be completely wrong in any case, they could be exactly the same...
  5. QUOTE (The Devils Playground @ Apr 8 2008, 10:52 PM) Okay dude look at the box does it have a bar code on it? If so thats the new ones. If not thats the old ones. Let us know if they are new or pld. This may be the difference. Thanks, Neal No Barcode on the box, I would say these are the new ones.. In response to the questions I was reading. I light the coals on my back porch with a coil burner, set it on high, place the coals on for 4-5 minutes, turn them over, another 4-5 minutes. They were a solid orange color all the way through when no lights were on, With the light on there
  6. Smell while lighting is to be expected. This was after my session was about 30-40 minutes in.
  7. Just thought I'd share my initial experience with these "amazing" coals. Normally I don't fall victim to "the hype" of anything, but I figured with more than 1-2 people giving these things props, I felt it was my hookah duty to give these a shot. Lit up my first try of exoticas last night to smoke with the remaining pink lemonade I have. My whole room smelled chemically afterwards. I had to open windows and turn the fan on. I don't "think" the coals imparted any flavor difference to the shisha, but then again, I had such a huge head buzz I could have
  8. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Apr 8 2008, 07:26 AM) QUOTE (manic007 @ Apr 8 2008, 12:24 PM) Hey bud, great rig. I know this might seem a bit chavy for your taste, but I reckon a softly pulsating light source inside your base would be sooo cool! If I had a base that great, I'd do it. Not pulsating.. but a steady LED Soft Blue light - I'd love that. Really make the letters stand out., Speaking of things that glow, H-S just sent out an email about their new glowing Nammor hose. Little too gimmaky for my taste, but hey.
  9. I got mine, made a post with pictures, ran into the same smashed deal.
  10. Well heck, if some mod wants to just join these, that would be fantastic
  11. So before I begin, allow me to show you what exactly I found in my mailbox today. Well Hot Damn! My Free Sample! Even a note from the post office! THEY CARE!! WOOT! And all this time I thought I was just a number.. However, unfortunately for me, they really dont care.. They are informing me that they throttled my "package" When I dug into the wet plastic baggie, I found this. Yes, that is shisha on the inside and outside of the envelope. Flat as a piece of paper and no thicker than one.. I decided, I must go on. If it looks like there alot of mo
  12. "Clap Clap Clap" Excellently done. I will be smoking my coconara's to you this evening.
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