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  1. I am looking to get back into hookah smoking, i'll buy the km ice bucket if you still have it reguardless of shipping to 53214 in the USA
  2. I haven't done paintball for awhile so i am not really sure, thanks though i will lower
  3. NO trades just cash! You are looking at purchasing a great paint ball set up!! For only $400 Black Invert Mini Paintball Gun -Original Barrel -Original Plug -Original Tool Kit Remote line Halo Hopper 25BPS DeadlyWinds Carbon Fiber Barrel Carleton 48 Air Tank Vforce Mask 2 different style pod holders with 4 pods 1000 marbalizer paintballs Sandana Empire Barrel sock Raven XXL Jersey All of this for $400 Everything you need to go out and play the same day! Only take paypal and will ship anywheres, you pay shipping of course!
  4. QUOTE (TBatcho07 @ Aug 2 2008, 08:58 PM) I dont feel it's right to fight for a country who treats everyone else like shit. You know you have the free right to leave the country at no charge to you. I feel if it came to it I would go and serve my country, i feel its our duty to do this as our fathers, grandfathers and friends have done in the past, if we don't do it then the loses we took in past wars are useless
  5. cool beans wonder how long that is
  6. QUOTE (Canon @ Aug 2 2008, 06:23 PM) i may do it. let me get to japan and get an address, it will be shipped to afpo huh?
  7. I am parting with my high end gaming computer Need to sell quick so doing this for a lower price! Proc: Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 OCed to 3.2 Mobo: Intel DG33TL Mem: 2 X 2048mb of Adata pc2-6400 800mhz ram (total of 4gigs) VC: EVGA 8800GTX 768mb video card HD(s): Both sata, 80gb for O/S and a 500g for data storage O/S: You pick either windows Xp or Vista home premium CD/DVD: Aopen DVD+- RW SATA $900.00 OBO No Trades Will play any game out right now, you name it, it can play it! When paid for I will reload the windows + drivers and ship it from my work. NOTE: I work for a local PC firm who builds, services and ships pcs all across the United States, your poackage will be professionally shipped to insure care! Pictures on request!
  8. I want a trditional hookah so to say because i had a mya gyro and since snoopy the pooopie came over i wanted a KM! PS Canon that hookah doesn't seem with $130 to me but it is beautiful!
  9. QUOTE (momatik @ Jul 29 2008, 01:51 PM) These bowls are big, so they made this scalli mod, which goes over the hole in the bowl, and reduces the size of the bowl so you can use less shisha. They were not made to use less shisha, they were made to be used with other shisha besides tangers, scalli made a device that is ment to use less shisha though
  10. straight up Italian and French, lots of f bombs at the dinner table when relatives on my moms side come by
  11. I have the exact same stem, its not bad actually and the base i don't know much about but most of the time they are cheaply painted to be honest, i say for $30 its worth a go! Smoke wise it will prolly be decent but not the best and their are so many variables that it doesn't always depend on the hookah but rather heat, shisha and coal placement!
  12. My aunt and some of my cousins whos are older then me(40's) are staying a week at my house, its day # 2 and i come home after college to see a sink full of dishes, a diswasher full of dirty dishes, a pile of their laundry, food left out, pancake mix all over the floor, 3 tv's on and a radio on with no one home. They jacked my air up so my house has fucking snow flakes and my other computer that isn't passworded now has a virus infection.... Why do they fucking do this shit, i never do this to their house. Am i asking to much for them to do their own dishes? Their laundry? sorry just venting
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