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  1. Hello everybody! Before I begin, I just want to say that I've read all the rules and while I don't believe this post is breaking any of them, please let me know if I've done something incorrectly. I'd love nothing more than to become a frequent poster here in aims to improve my overall hookah knowledge, learn from the veterans, and get awesome new ideas for my business.    My name is Quade and I am currently working hard to open Stevens Point, Wisconsin's first Hookah Lounge. We are a relatively small town of 26,000 but are also a college and tech-school town. The college brings in around 12,000 people per year and they are my target market. I've been working on this business for a few years now and am finally approaching the last stages (Business plan, permits, renting a place, etc).   Now this is where I would absolutely love some help. I am enrolled in an aftergraduate program designed to develop a business plan. I have a couple of advisers that have been helping me along the way and they strongly suggested that I reach out to other hookah business owners (or customers) and ask for information.    So...   Business Owners -  I'll be straight forwards about it: Can I have a copy of your business plan, or a portion of it?  What do you wish you had known before opening your lounge? Any additional advice is hugely appreciated.     Customers/Enthusiasts -  What is your favorite/least favorite thing about any hookah lounge? What do you wish your favorite lounge had? It could be a feature, product, style of business... Any additional comments/advice.       Thank you to anybody and everybody for your help. I am very excited to finally be getting this dream off the ground.  
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