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  1. Bawhee, thank you very much for the detailed information. I checked for "Khalil Mammoon" but I found only 76 and 98 cm tall and to be honest they are too expensive. The smaller one is 70 euro and the taller one is 80 Euro. Is there so huge difference between the hookahs that cost 30-40 and those which cost around 80. Almost to forgot is the size important? What is the difference between 98 tall hookah and another which is 34 cm, There should be some difference but is it so eye catching. And about the tobacco probably I would prefer legit tobacco. 
  2. I am new to the forum, but I would like to greet you for your birthday !! My wish for you is really simple: I wish you to be happy, when someone is happy that means that he managed to achieve all the dreams he had. !!  Happy birthday,  Mushrat
  3. Hello,    I want to start with the fact that at this moment I am really obsessed with smoking hookahs. I am planning to buy one but have no idea what exactly to buy. There are so many kinds of hookahs ? Can you give me advice what to buy and what brands of tobacco are the best. I am thinking to buy one hookah with two attachments for smoking, so when my friends came not to wait 10-20 minutes just to use it for 1-2 minutes and need to pass to the next person? If I choose this type of hookah will I need a bigger one than the normal hookahs with only one attachment ?      I also know that it is really dangerous for your health if you smoke on regular basis ? For example how many times per month you need to smoke, so not to damage so much your body. Thanks in advance for the help. I would really be grateful if someone educate me in this black topic for me.    Greetings, D. Stoimenov
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