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  1. Hi again-  The shisha actually turned out remarkably well!  We used organic loose leaf tobacco, vegetable glycerin, fresh mangoes, & molasses...  little heavy on the molasses, could have been more 'mangoey', but it smoked well & tasted great.  We were afraid it was going to be too wet, but it wasn't a problem.  Need to buy more coal though!  Also, just posted some pics of the hookahs in the 'how to funhouse'.  Thanks again everyone for your advice, which I stumbled on in researching.   Namaste, Ben
  2. Hey!  Just wanted to post some Steampunk inspired hookahs my bf and i made...  we 'upcycle' using old antiques a lot, so that is where many of the pieces for these are from.  The glass 'ball' on both is old pyrex labwear we found at an estate sale.  On the one with the swoopy copper pipe & the wooden base, the pyrex ball holds the water, & on the other the water is in a jar inside the copper/brass cylinder, & the ball is just for the cool factor of watching it fill up with smoke.  Also they both have led lights...  one in the wooden base, which lights up an opera glass lens with flourite behind it, & the other lights up the pyrex 'smoke ball'.  Let us know what y'all think!  We got a lot of help from this forum, came up all the time in google searches.  So thank you! :)   Namaste, Ben
  3. Hey y'all!  Been lurking about for a while, especially in the how-to forum, finally decided to join.  My boyfriend and I do a lot of steampunk home decor & antique upcycling, & I've been working on a number of steampunk hookahs... been super inspired by the work I've seen on here.  Thanks for all the help!  I come on here often for tips and tricks.  I'll try to post some pics soon.  Also just tried to make our own shisha today...  we'll see how that turned out in a couple minutes haha.  glad to be stepping out of the shadows,   peace!
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