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  1. Hookah - 65.00 Surfers at 750g for 35.00    Code 69 & the melon dew has sold - 
  2. None of my devices are letting me submit pictures so I will get with a staff member to see how I can continue.
  3. First off is this all glass hookah. It was custom made and is very thick glass. I bought this hookah for 125.00 foe it to be made then bought a perk for 15 and a female to female joint for 20.00 along with a hose joint and make shift hose tip. The hose tip and perk are both broken but are still able to use with a little rigging. Other than that the hookah is great. No cracks, chips, etc. Asking 80.00 foe the hookah no bowl. Includes shipping. Roughly 850-900g of fantasia Surfer. It is a nice blend of pinaple juice and coconut rum flavoring. AskingAsking 50.00 for the whole tub I paid 80.00. 55.00 included free shipping. Code 69 by starbuzz I bought a 1kg tub and only think half will be used so I am selling off the other half. Asking 30.00 for the 500g. Next up is 300g of Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew I am asking 15.00 for. Thank you for looking at my listing. Please either contact me on the forum or email me at 0406473@gmail.com for a quicker response. I am willing to trade shisha for other shisha. Please post offers below or as I stated above email me. I am in need of coco nar so if anyone hits me up before I get more I'd accept those as a trade aswell.
  4. Iso: Hookah Bowl - Tangiers Bowls or something nice.... Looking to spend 20-30 bucks... Not looking for something to fancy just something thats better than what I got now... 
  5. Completed:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/331359827789?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT   Got it for a really good deal - Custom made plus its a lot thicker than the roi and fumo hookahs!
  6. The local bar I attend to uses AMY hookahs and have tons of extra parts. I know the owner pretty well I will ask him tomorrow if he has some extras he'd be willing to give up/sell. 
  7. YEESSSS HaHa any of y'all have your dive license? HAHA
  8. Thats near hollywood and miami right? 
  9. thehelios   Thehelios, hows the roi bubble been? I miss that thing so so much haha! I will have to look boward up to see if its along where I am going to be scuba diving next week. Im going to Jupiter beach if its near there ill check them out. Dr. Smokes hows the draw on that one? Ive never really got into syrians just cause you have to pull a bit harder on them. Post pictures
  10. Yeah, Vape kings was really good I liked their eliquid but kinda forgot about them. I ordered from there when you messaged me and told me about their house burning down. I also had to have every mod out there just like I had to have every hookah lol 
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