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  1. I hadn't had the time to take a screenshot yet, because I logged off right after this to go to bed. I was playing Wildstar last night and after exploring some Aurin settlements, I noticed that they have MASSIVE hookahs in their settlements. It's quite funny considering how tiny they are in game. I'll get a screenshot when I can.
  2. Let me know if the tang hasn't sold yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I submitted my comments to the FDA, but they will probably be ignored as the war on the rights to enjoy tobacco is near its end. It's a shame that "The Land of the Free" has come to this.
  4.      I really enjoy Versace Man Eau Fraiche, How does eros compare to it?   Personally? I think Eros is better. In my opinion, I think the scent has a "classier male" tone to it, but that's just me.   News, I just got Invictus by Paco Rabanne. It's a sportier scent with crisp and light tones to it. Not my favorite, but great for a light spring day.
  5. I have a feeling that we're just a couple of years away before smoking hookah is illegal in this damn country.
  6. I really enjoy cologne so I have some which you may like. All of the ones I'm going to mention are very popular with women (around me.) Play by Givenchy- mild and sweetish in scent. One of the most preferred with the ladies. Pros: Cheap- 45, mild and very popular. Con: Since it's so mild, you need to reapply constantly throughout the day if you're out for more than a few hours Eros by Versace is my current favorite. Very popular with those around me and has a "elegantly classy" scent to it. It's long lasting and it works with any apparel. The downside? It's pretty expensive at 85 dol
  7. Agreed, college has kept me busy, but congratulations! CIgars, errr, hoses all around!
  8. They look like they're made of cheap, painted plastic, I really don't like that design. They could have done better.
  9. I just finished Hemingway's "The Sun also rises" and it was phenomenal. Now I'm starting The Paleo Manifesto.
  10. Haha, this is quite a surprising turn out of opinions. Personally, I like to compliment the food because I feel each can supplement the others, if done right. I had Karahi the other night and paired it with the lemon shisha. I guess it's the foodie part of my that likes to mix my two loves.
  11. As I am sure that we all know, it is not wise to have a hookah session of an empty stomach and food and hookah have been paired together for a long time. This brings to my question to you all, do you have any preferences of food that you like to mix with hookah? Perhaps a special flavor of shisha? The other day I brought home some Afghani take out and enjoyed it with some lemon shisha. Other than that, I like to mix a nice smoke session with savory foods.   What about you guys?
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