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  1. Baltimore here. I have to say Arabian Nights has become terrible. I went to the lounge in 2009 and it was mellow, chill, and enjoyable. Fast forward to now, its like a night club, no room inside, poor service and just an unenjoyable experience altogether   The other lounge on Light St. wasn't that enjoyable either...
  2.     and didn't have power windows, and only had cloth seats and was a Neon. I used to crush those things when I had my GT35R powered RSX Type S
  3.   Thanks. I have been breaking the coals with my hands but they never break into halves. Are there any tips on cracking the coals with something to get close to breaking them evenly?
  4. BTW this pic was taken before I learned how to properly place coals ;)
  5. As promised and as said, nothing too special but its mine. What isnt in the pic is the Black Phunnel bowl I purchased on friday night. I am looking to get my uncle to stain glass hooka probably a purple color. I want to be able to see the water level, so stained glass will make that possible while making the piece more unique.       In the second picture you can see my 2 kilos of Bahraini Apple that I paid only 12 dollars for in Kuwait. Prices here in the states are terrible! Dont mind the Teddy, its my sons lol
  6.   ill have one up by monday. I don't think theres anything strikingly special about it. I do like that its a 3-way!
  7. Any other suggestions for improving the hookah?   Let your trial and error be my "get it right the first time" :)
  8.   Why are you on a hookah forum if you are against it lol? or are you warning me that moding will be an addiction?
  9. Thanks for the information. I will look into the phunnel bowl instead.    Ill post pics up after the weekend. Im currently in a different state for the govt'.   I managed to get some awesome smoke from that shop too. Bahraini Apple is phenomenal!!!
  10. 1st post here, I recently purchased a Hookah in Kuwait. It all looks pretty much hand made. Even the bowls aren't glazed that come with the Hookah. I would like to purchase a few accessories for my hookah, but I am not sure as to if they would actually work with it since its been hand made by the shop it was purchased from.    Im looking to get a Vortex bowl, diffuser, and probably a wind cover. I dont want to purchase these accessories online if I have doubts about the fitment.    Any good info or tips for a beginner?   Also, I am looking for a base grommet, or a grommet to go around the stem to thicken it up and make the fitment more air tight. The kuwaiti guy gave me a cloth roll to wrap around the bottom of the stem to make the fitment tight. Im sure theres a better way. Thanks in advance for the info!
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