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  1. I did send you financials so don't know if you are. lol   Licenses are not transferable. I believe our distributor is licensed in Florida tho, so all tobacco taxes are paid by them and you won't have to deal with that mess (They are registered in like 15 states so I'm not 100% sure which ones) If the distributors are not licensed in your state then you would of course have to pay the taxes direct yourself and get the licensing for tobacco sales) If your serious about an offer I can call them up and ask them about it.   Its really not to big a deal Michigan only charges like $100
  2. Well we just listed it up for sale locally. But if anyone is still interested we set a price at around $8000 which is about half of what we put into it. I'm still open for PM if you have any questions or want to make an offer
  3. I like the comment at the end about calculating cost of pleasure from sex ed. lol
  4. Haven't heard back from anyone, this is still up for sale, will probably list locally in a week or two.   This is for a complete turn key business that is currently making residual income. The connections and research alone are well worth the price as we have a business account with a tier 1 distributor. This distributor even sells certain products to hookah-shisha. com as well as connections to a few domestic merchant accounts so you can start taking credit card for tobacco sales.   The only reason we are selling is because it was started mainly as a hobby about a year ago becau
  5. Yeah its just another chinese take of the stargate http://cloud-hookah.com/en/specialty-hookahs/208-tower-hookah.html
  6. Sorry for late replies gents. Email is the best method to reach me I'm not on the forum everyday.   -Addison I just emailed you the reports from both our main store and from amazon for the year of 2014. Even if you are not interested please keep the documents confidential. The biz was only opened in fall of last year so we don't have a long history of sales to go off. Honestly our local cleaning service is kickin balls and we were just going to use the cash towards a new cleaning van for expansion.   Dr. Smokes I can't send attachments in PM but email  me at sales@cloud-hook
  7. So its starting to be a real struggle for me and my partner to run a warehouse and we have a few other businesses we run that need to take first priority. (We also run a cleaning company, IT company, and building maintenance) So we may be interested in selling for the right buyers. While this would be perfect for someone local in michigan we do have a teir 1 distributor we can partner you up with which will dropshop products for you, so really anyone in the US could pick this up and start running the biz. Includes full business and training -website which has over $15,000 invested between
  8. I'll take the tangiers small bowl and the lot of tangiers shisha if you don't mind shipping to Detroit area.
  9. Couldn't find anything on US laws but heres one for the UK http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/carry/alcohol-tobacco-cash/index_en.htm   I'm sure the rules are similair for both countries, if you go over you may just have to pay duties not sure if its really illegal...
  10. Hey guys I know it aired awhile ago, but many of you have never had the experience of Dearborn and not just smoking middleeastern culture ;) but having the full experience.   My friend Rana is the guest showing Andrew around Dearborn, if you watch the full episode they go super greenland market and eat lamb brain sandwiches at a local cafe.   http://www.travelchannel.com/video/a-feast-for-ramadan
  11. I'm a huge ACID fan, the Blondie is perfect for social smoking. Doesn't take all night to smoke and tastes great
  12. WOW, yeah love the collection. Wouldn't mind having half of them myself.
  13. I'm a vendor, wouldn't mind a few samples if you were looking for a retail connection. PM me with details.
  14. They have it set so the website automatically pulls news stories and posts them. It's easier to stay on top of all the new stories on hookah instead of shifting through a bunch of news papers.
  15. You'd be surprised, they actually smoke pretty nice with little to no ghosting. Well that is if you get a nice one instead of ebay...
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