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  1. Keeping in mind that my  hookah is only around 20 inches I hated the vortex bowl. I got a vortex bowl included with the sahara hookah I got. Maybe, I'm not tapping it's potential but I prefer the standard egyptian bowl. It uses a lotta shisha, and I'd rather have a bowl that will burn throughly with one, maybe 2 coals, that way I get a fresh bowl every time. I got more smoke from an egyptain as well and that was easier to get smoking. 
  2. Would I be able to add e-juice to my shisha for some more nicotine? Nicotine isn't a big concern with me but it'd be nice to get a buzz off it. So could I?
  3. Uhhh...better than my 20 dollar one. But i'm smoking pyramid shisha and I think it sucks. I just like that it's quality I guess.
  4. also this, its not up to you to supply them all, just tell em that its impossible for this to work with as many people and that you guys need a second pipe! Well it's not a mooching thing. It's an I'm cool with sharing it's just a pain in the ass to keep passing a hose thing. I never buy the beer, that's why I got the hookah. Haha  I went ahead and bought a one hoser and am on a waiting list for adapters, the store was out. A sahara. Any good? 
  5. I have a local glass shop and I didn't look to hard at the hookahs since I was just buying shisha but now it turns out my friends enjoy my hookah almost as much as me. So I'm thinking I need to get a 2 hoser. I heard they don't produce as much smoke as a one hoser but a bigger vase will compensate for that right? I have about 80-100 to spend, thinking mya is out of the picture but I have some pretty good local craftsmen. Tips, advice, warnings? Thanks!
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