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  1. uhh... its quit obvious once you see the pictures, unless well you're a complete idiot. xD
  2. Hello everyone! today is the day where i will finally have to let some of my back up bowls go. unfortunately i hit road kill on the freeway from work and will need a new bumper ]= These bowls pictured have NOT been used! other than for testing purposes. They are Brand new and From SAN DIEGO Tangiers lounge. i have a 2013 Small and a 2013 Pico. others include a flying saucer and Roi glass bowl that has been slightly used. Pico: Blue Small: Multi color blue green black! Flying Saucer: Red Brown Black Having alot of trouble uploading pictures, prices are pico:25 Small:20 Saucer:20 Roi bowl:1
  3. Ordered two vetc 5 18650s some juice, a panzer blackhawk clone mod and a aspire atlantis, wish me luck
  4. hence separate tents! we french love to share.
  5. HEY, atleast you got a girlfriend lol ... im going to die a virgin this area i live in is quite frankly impossible to get women. i FEEL SO OLD im just wasting my life doing nothing lol
  6. Starbuzz is BULLSHIT.... only reason its so godlike atm cuz vendors rate it up the arse such as HJ. 
  7. Unless your getting the Levitation ROI is rubbish too, Thin glass, overpriced and HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. i emailed them 5x without a response and ALSO CALLED they pretended i got a wrong number LMFAO
  8. Thanks for the Info man!! if you dont mind i would love to get dibs on the stem if its clean and such, i have really bad ocd when it comes to hookah. after each use i clean it dry it and blow dry it to completely get the water out so condition is key for me ! 
  9. Sorry for the late checkback, i will not be fixing this soon because im saving for car mods and the el nefes colonial. This thing will probably be fixed over summer im in no rush atm
  10. I guess im hired, i will move in immediately but i need tents for my french mistresses who will reside on your lawn!
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