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  1. Is the smini still available? If so, I'll take it =]
  2. I would totally sign up for this.  I love trying new flavors and sometimes the best ones are the ones you would never think to buy yourself.
  3. Dude. I live in the northeastern suburbs... we're neighbors XD welcome!
  4. Oh...Oh my god. That's BEAUTIFUL!!
  5. Mizo Blueberry and writing short environmental biology essays.
  6. Damn... I really don't want to low ball you.  It's a beautiful pipe at a good price... let me think it over.
  7. Hahahaha, see, but none of them were really my fault. Head gasket blew on my Subaru, deer killed my tercel on the turnpike, my Chevy cavaliers engine blew, and now someone blew a stop sign and I hit them in my élantra.
  8. Yeah, but its so slow going. The person who pulled out i front of me uses a small insurance company who isn't open on the weekend. We just got the rental car today, I have to go back to the doctor. The Vicodin isn't strong enough but I can't take it and drive and my schools an hour away.... It's just been a nightmare.
  9. So on Friday I was cut off by someone who ran a stop sign. This will br the fifth car I've needed to by in the four years ive been driving. I'm 20. Woo.
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