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  1. I have one nawras swirl and a crosshatch, and that pieces gave it to me my love for syrians I know it's pretty hard to find T_T But, i'll keep searching Thanks Chreees!
  2. Update: I can pay around 250-300 $ shipped for one.
  3. Hi everyone, i'm a syrian pipe lover, nawras/af it's my favorite pipes I want one, but i want to buy another al faker solid SMALL w/ both trays if someone have it and want to sell, let me know, i'm pretty sure we can make a good deal for both Ps: i want to buy an al fakher solid 1st gen, but i guess that i can't find one in my life =( haha
  4. i'll post, but i`m not shure how can i do this, my smartphone cam can`t take a picture so macro, i guess, but i`ll try my best and will upload soon. Ps: my first regal i bought a 4 years ago and have metal ball in the purge, now regals are coming with de plastic ball in the purge,
  5. I got one, it's amazing piece but i saw on thehookah, and they selling a piece diferent of mine, and, in my opinion, more ugly
  6. Also, this is my collection : http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/52880-tailor-brazilian-collection/ I'll pay a good amount of money, and i can tell who the guys that i've bought all my collection in usa, to make sure that i'm trusty
  7. Hi guys, this is my current stuff!     i'm love nawras, so i bought a swirl w/ base tray too     almost every boho i've bought from american hookah lovers, so, god thanks america! haha here it's hard to find those vases, even harder...
  8. Hi guys, i'm looking for a mini sc for a looong time to add in my colection, so, i've created a topic here, let me know if u have someone, we can work a really good deal.
  9. Nak mizo blueberry + Nak mizo mint Nak Ice Raspberry + Nak mizo mint + Nak mizo lemon Tangiers Birquq New lemon lime + Tangers cane mint
  10. Tangiers Bacon = Just don't buy Naklha Ice Grape Mint = tastes like barf for me hahaha
  11. Nakhla and tangiers > all but between fantasia and starbuzz, i prefer fantasia for sure
  12. one of the best's colections i've seen
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