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  1. Hit and miss for flavor, but I always get semi-decent density out of Nakhla, and it only burns when I stop paying attention to the coals. Three knuckle-sized chunks of finger coal on a metal screen in a traditional bowl, and maybe cut down to two coals once things get going, and it always works for me. The mango was strange... in the cafe, it had a lot of flavor, very sweet with some subtle tartness. At home, it was mildly sweet and light on the flavor. Not sure if it's me or what, but everything else comes out nice.
  2. It's got a nice flavor, and a great smoke if you're looking for taste without buzz, but it's definitely not worth twenty a tin.
  3. A quick re-supply on coals and shisha, but the rest is going towards the pay-off-debts-and-save-money-to-buy-a-house fund.
  4. I'm guessing that because each bowl only has a single flavor, each individual flavor is more pronounced and distinct than it would be if multiple flavors were mixed in a single bowl? Just hazarding a guess. I've thought about getting the triple bowl as a novelty if I could find one cheap enough.
  5. Never get involved in a land war in Asia and never go in against a Sicillian when death is on the line.
  6. I just bought the same pipe, but in red. Got it in on Monday with about 500g of assorted Fusion and AF shisha. I've smoked about... eight bowls out of it already, which is a -ton- for me. It's a little rough around the edges, but I love it to death. Although, I just noticed. My base is a lot different from yours. o.o;
  7. Srsly. I usually use a spare bathrug from Wal-Mart as my official Hookah Rug after I saw them for sale on some website. "Hookah rug? Shit, I could get the same thing from the dollar store." But Wal-Mart was closer. I never drop my coals anyway. Except for the one time this week I didn't pull it out, and dropped a coal. And didn't notice it. Burned straight through the carpet to the wooden floor below. Thank god it's old carpet. We replaced the carpet in all but two rooms in the house, and thankfully this is one of the two to be replaced in spring. But, yeah. Hookah rugs ftw.
  8. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Jan 12 2008, 01:36 AM) Also take into mind that you could be very sensitive to Nicotine. True, but I also smoke unfiltered cigarettes and use Nakhla pretty regularly, although from what I've got out of it, Tangiers is doing a number to me. More importantly, quicklights -always- make me sick, can't say why. They're red hot and ashed over by the time I put them on. Man. I need to find someone around here who smokes Tangiers to show me how its done. Baltimore, MD, anyone?
  9. Ok. So, I couldn't take pictures as I couldn't borrow the camera tonight, but I packed again, filled it more, used four small quicklight pieces, and the throat-tickle is gone, but I'm still getting super-thin smoke and no flavor. Gah. I played with the heat, more, less... Played with using a windscreen. And between the tangiers and the quicklights, I feel pretty sick. Blegh. Going to pack things up for the time being, try again in a bit once I feel better.
  10. QUOTE (EternalSoil @ Jan 11 2008, 11:31 AM) hmmm... could you take some pics next time before you put the foil on? also, too many small holes. use less and bigger. i dont know why people are having this problem. i smoked orange soda last night and it smoked fine except for the slight flavor loss and increase in buzz cause i couldnt wait for it to acclimate. I ended up not doing another bowl last night, but I'll try again tonight after work, with pics. Thanks for helping guys.
  11. QUOTE (EternalSoil @ Jan 11 2008, 01:28 AM) the throad itching means you need more. put about 20% more in than you see in the video. if the smoke is still thin, add a little more coal or do away with the hole in the center entirely. if you pack enough in there you shouldnt need that hole. its just there so the foil doesnt get sucked down. hope that helps! More tobacco in the bowl, or more heat?
  12. So, I just smoked my first bowl of the Tangiers red tea I got from HS. Mya QT, Mya standard hose, ice and water in the base, shisha acclimated for 5+ hours, phunnel bowl, Romman lemonwood natural coals, three pieces roughly equivalent to a single Easy Lite square each. Double layer of foil, large center hole, three rings of holes. Followed the tutorial on Youtube. Stirred the stuff up for a minute, packed the bowl (letting it just fall into place), put on the fully lit coals. Now, while this stuff was acclimating, it smelled great. And even now, there's a definite tea-ish aroma to the room, but the actual smoke is thin, throat-itching and not at all flavorful. Figured I was using too much heat, and took a coal off. Still thin, still a touch harsh, still no flavor. It's done now, and I'm getting ready to try again. Any advice?
  13. QUOTE (EvansLight @ Jan 10 2008, 10:49 PM) Reminds me i need to get around to trying more tangiers flavors. I still have red tea nightmares XD Oh god, I just got Red Tea, it's my first crack at Tangiers. x.x
  14. QUOTE (PhishPhood @ Jan 9 2008, 12:12 PM) It would make a nice base. The only think I'm kinda shocked about is that your employer(i assume a resturaunt) made you pay for something they were prob gonna throw out anyway... He was going to keep it. We've got a cement wall out in the garden thats lined with wine bottles, and he wanted to do a similar thing with liquor bottles for one of the planters. Besides, I offered. I just saw it and "!. I'll give ya five bucks for it." Such is the danger of drinking while at work.
  15. QUOTE (EvansLight @ Jan 10 2008, 09:32 AM) Ok EL is now more awake, lets see if i can answer this better Its been a while but if my mind is serving me right it has something to do, more than likely, with either ur blood sugar level or ur blood pressure. I can't remember which one exactly (where is eric when you need him?). Most hookah realted sickness is due to the nicotine, and it could have been your body just wasn't able to handle it. As sated it could have been your stomach was empty. Eating or drinking something sugary usually helps a whole lot. But it could also have been the coals. QL do put off a good amount of CO when they lite, and trust me inhaling that sucks... Yeah, but the thing is, this is the fourth session I've had this week. Two with Nakhla, two with Starbuzz. I've gotten a nice, easygoing buzz, but tonight was the first night that sickness actually kicked in. Big bummer, too. Had a nice dinner, a couple of friends over, enjoying some fancy tea right before we smoked. Then whoomph. I lit the coals outside, then brought them in. So, yeah. I had a full stomach and drinking sweetened tea. The only thing I can figure is that its the quicklites. I'm heading out to the local shop to pick up a roll of 3K tonight, and if I have the same problem, I think I'm giving up on them for good.
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