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  1. One day I'm just gonna man up and throw down the cash, one day...
  2. They are one in the same. From what I've seen they are aimed for two crowds. The cigarette users trying to quit or the hookah users that want pure convenience. Not to mention the pros since currently you can do it in most public places and people don't mind it nearly as much as cigarettes.
  3. what is this... disc golf? Imagine playing golf with a frisbee, but instead of trying to make it into a hole, you try to throw it into this pole thing with chains to catch it. I've only seen it played but never played myself.
  4. Wow, why even shoot if your just gonna run away. Not to mention home invasion while residents and company are over, gotta be a drug addict. Police nab the guy? Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  5. Jesus, how many gallons of water it hold? Haha Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  6. Just like remember the ploy of having Hollywood stars encouraging people to "just go out and vote" regardless of political, economic, social, high school know how? Wtf does this accomplish? What could these people possibly use as their reasoning to vote for someone? Sheeps be sheepin Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  7. The fastest way to get out from underneath a government is to revolt or secede. I don't see this changing in our lifetime especially at the slow rate of voting it out (no offense). A big thing to me is people will vote on the presidential election but not for their county or state representative. How stupid is that? County and state DIRECTLY influence your everyday life. You want your roads fixed, your taxes lowered, whatever the hell you want, the majority is not at the presidential level. Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  8. Definitely let me know how killzone is, I'm excited for you lol Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  9. I'm not gonna lie, I like the mc rib but I hate mcdonalds. I looked up a recipe online and created my own. For the meat you just debone pork spare ribs and put them in a food processor and a few other ingredients (can't remember at the top of my head) it's actually really easy and I know what I'm eating Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  10. Can't wait, PS4 drops in 2 days, have Friday off work to relax and play! Hopefully will be a good day. Envious, what games you getting? Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  11. I'm diggin the cinder block and 2x4 setup ;) Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  12. Not related to the dispute but am I the only one that think if a couple divorces and the woman keeps the mans last name, that it is weird as shit? You'd think you would want to break all ties. Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  13. If you were married then got divorced, more than likely you reverted back to your maiden name which would match your birth certificate. So why would you need divorce paperwork and all that? Same concept for divorced and remarried women, wouldn't you just need to most recent marriage certificate in that case? Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
  14. I work at Trader Joe's. This fall season we received 48 private label pumpkin products. Including pumpkin body butter (which sadly is not lickable) and pumpkin dog treats (which are lickable). They made us take turns carrying around a customer service pumpkin wizard staff thingy with "got pumpkin?" graffitied cross the side. A: pumpkin overkill. B: I need a new job. C: the pumpkin staff was replaced by a turkey staff. Gandalf is rolling in his literary grave. You shall not pass these great deals! Sent from my iPhone using [URL=http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1]Tapatalk[/URL]
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