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  1. hey guys where is a good place to order nak?? does john still sell?
  2. So far no, everything has been great..im using mobile version
  3. Anyone got one for sale?..left outta town and my friend broke it..
  4. wtf really?? Thats crazy, ima look that up! (The superglue part)
  5. So ur gunna go with the jb weld? Another excellent choice, let us know how it goes :)
  6. From experience pipe liners are always too rough haha their used to low carbon steel, which is tough as shit, if u want ot nice and pretty take it to a tig welder, their gentle and got magiv hands
  7. Soft solder! Just throw some flux on that bad boy and add the filler, you can use a torch to sorta melt it on there, or use a soldering gun. Real easy and simple. And make sure its lead free, if its gunna be touching the water they have some that are more water resistance, think its zinc-aluminum soft solder,
  8. They sell cleaning formulas at almost any smokeshop, the local shop here uses it on their hookahs in the lounge, 4 to 5 dollars a bottle
  9. goodluck to everyone, cant wait to see who won and is about to do a whole lotta smoking to review this :)  
  10. about the km pear, I own the double and the stem alone is extremely light,
  11. @shishafruit I was also reading that this product does not burn. so how do you determine how much is too much coal?
  12. you have been a wonderful mod, you've truly gone above and beyond your responsibilities , its nice to see you so caring about this website, I was never here during hookah forums prime but I enjoy it...it feels like a  small family. :)   shishafruits, is this product shredded like I've seen other herbal tobacco done, is it a long cut? wonder how this even works. definitely citrus flavors are the best, and do you guys plan on a mint flavor? some intense natural mint would be great
  13. Does your vet offer payment plans ? Maybe you could find one , when we took my brothers dog his vet offered a payment plan
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